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CD review BLOODBATH "Grand morbid funeral"

Veröffentlicht am 12. November 2014 von Markus W. in Bloodbath, Katatonia, Opeth, Nightingale, Death Metal, Thrash Metal, Heavy Metal, CD Review, News

(8/10) That death metal and Sweden, esp. Stockholm, goes together very well is nothing really new. Bloodbath is one of those bands coming from the Swedish capital that gained a lot of international attention during the last years. 

Founded as a project already in 1998 by Mikael Åkerfeld (Opeth), Dan Swanö (Edge of Sanity and Nightingale), Jonas Renske and Anders Nyström (both Katatonia) Bloodbath released several records and EP's in the last sixteen years. The last full-length album was "The fathomless mastery" in 2008. Six years later the album is in the starting box and ready to be released.

The first remarkable fact is the new singer of Bloodbath. Since Åkerfeld focusses more on Opeth the band needed a new guy behind the mic and they could team-up with Nick Holmes from Paradise Lost. This was good news since Holmes is for a sure an adequade replacement.

"Grand morbid funeral", the name of the new longplayer, is coming with eleven new death metal anthems. All of them have been recorded at Ghost Ward Studios and the City of Glass Studios in Stockholm. The result is an album with a dynamic and mean sound which fits excellent to the music of the band.

So, what about the songs? I have to say that the album became a real aural assault. Immensive riffs and deep growls are characterizing the LP. Nick Holmes brings back memories from the old Paradise Lost times when they wrote their 'hit' "As I die". It's the songs like the blazing fast "Famine of God's word" and "Unite in pain" with the screaming guitars in the beginning that became death metal masterpieces. But it's not only the highspeed moments that are fascinating. Bloodbath also reduces the pace in songs like "Church of Vastilas". This makes the track a gloomy grooving beast that screams for more.

The bouncer and title track takes this approach even one step further. The song is death/doom with a throbbing rhythm and mean vocals by Holmes. It reminded me to Triptykon when I heard the track for the first time. Only in the last minute the track gains speed and ends in a creative noise inferno before a chimming bell and choral elements rounds of a well done record.  

It still seems that Bloodbath is reflecting the death metal side of the band members very well. Esp. since Katatonia and also Paradise Lost went with their main bands a bit away from the genre towards more dark metal it seems to be the right channel for the musicians to enjoy their passion. "Grand morbid funeral" is an excellent death metal album the 'Stockholm style' which you can go for without any hesitation.





  1. Let the stillborn come to me
  2. Total death exhumed
  3. Anne
  4. Church of Vastitas
  5. Famine of God's word
  6. Mental abortion
  7. Beyond cremation
  8. His inferenal necropsy
  9. Unite in pain
  10. My torturer
  11. Grand morbid funeral


Label: Peaceville

Genre: Death Metal

CD review BLOODBATH "Grand morbid funeral"

CD review NEVERSTORE "s/t"

Veröffentlicht am 11. November 2014 von Markus W. in Neverstore, Rock, Alternative Rock, CD Review, News

(4/10) The really good thing with this album is the production. Tobias Lindell (Mustach, Harcore Superstars) gave Neverstore an energetic and dynamic sound that rocks pretty well. And I wished Neverstore would sound like the mentioned bands.

Neverstore are popular in Sweden and have won some awards in the meantime. And I can understand this, because the music is really for the big audience. They play a kind of modern rock that is based on very catchy melodies combined with some rocking guitars. So far so good.

But since the sound is the best thing on the album there must be some downers too. The thing is, that the entire album sounds very much 'dressed for success'. To me it sounds like casting show music. This means that basically there is nothing wrong with it. But it is exchangeable and sounds like 'heard before'. Where are the edges and where are the surprises. At least I haven't found them. It is a bit like Take That with rocking guitars.

"s/t" contains good teeny rock. Not more, but also not less. For me it is too ordinary music that misses an own identity. But this is maybe only me. You decide....





  1. For the rest of my life
  2. My own paradise
  3. Bullets and quicksand
  4. Work eat sleep repeat
  5. Unbreakable
  6. Got my heart to the left
  7. Show you the world
  8. Degrading
  9. Good time for disaster
  10. Do you miss me
  11. In my neighborhood
  12. Lost


Label: Gain Music

Genre: Alternative Rock


CD review NEVERSTORE "s/t"

CD review PINK FLOYD "The endless river"

Veröffentlicht am 11. November 2014 von Markus W. in Pink Floyd, Rock, Prog Rock, CD Review, News

(8/10) A new album from Pink Floyd wasn't something I expected. It was actually the moment when Richard Wright passed away 6 years ago that seemed to mark also the end of the rock dinosaur. Therefore it was a big and positive surprise when the news about "The endless river" was published.

So what to expect from such an album? First of all it is a new album, but the song ideas are coming from 20 years ago. The material is taken from the "Division bell" session that took place in 1994. Since Wright was involved very much in those ideas and the songs can be even seen as a 'tribute' to the great keyboarder. The new album is a collection of those outtakes which are mainly instrumental tunes.

First thing that shows up is the cover. It's the first one that is not coming from Storm Thorgerson. The famous artist passed away a few years ago and therfore the new cover gives the impression of Pink Flyod, but the typical Thorgerson 'handwriting' is missing. However, Ahmed Emas Eldin, who created the cover, did a very good job. I think the cover reflects the band very well, by not trying to copy Thorgerson.

Nowadays it is only David Gilmour and drummer Nic Mason, representing the classic Pink Floyd line-up. The new album, they worked on, is a purely instrumental one. It focusses on big arcs of melodies dominated by the fantastic guitar lines from Gilmour. Those are embedded in keyboard soundscapes as we now it from the legendary band. To pick out some tracks wouldn't be fair, since each of them is on an extraordinary high level. One exception maybe. The very moving "It's what we do" is my personal highlight on the album. OK, there is a second song that stands out a bit. "On noodle street" sound almost like a track from a lounge music CD. A track that really brings you back to balance after a crazy day.

But I have to say that I had to get used to the fact that we are talking about instrumental music. I miss the vocals. I had it quite some times that I thought "now the vocals will start". You could even imagine the vocal lines. But of course this was wishful thinking. It didn't happen.

To sum up: I think that "The endless river" became a typical Pink Floyd album that I like. There is almost no band that can create this kind of awesome music. But there are also better releases from the iconic band and the fact that there are no vocals is something I had to get used to. Due to that it might feel even a bit 'unfinished'. But however, great music, great musicians, great sound. Still a treat for your ears. Just with less sugar.





“Side 1”:

  1. Things Left Unsaid
  2. It ́s What We Do
  3.  Ebb And Flow

“Side 2”: 

  1.  Sum
  2.  Skins
  3.  Unsung
  4.  Anisina

“Side 3”:

  1. The Lost Art Of Conversation
  2. On Noodle Street
  3. Night Light
  4. Allons-y (1)
  5. Autumn `68
  6. Allons-y (2)
  7. Talkin` Hawkin`

“Side 4”:

  1. Calling
  2. Eyes To Pearls
  3. Surfacing


Label: Warner Music Group

Genre: Rock

CD review PINK FLOYD "The endless river"

ANATHEMA will play a special show at the ROADBURN 2015

Veröffentlicht am 10. November 2014 von Markus W. in Anathema, Rock, Heavy Metal, Alternative Metal, Prog Rock, Prog Metal, News

The Roadburn organisation announced that Anathema will headline the Sunday date of the 20th edition of Roadburn Festival, at the 013 venue on April 12, 2015 in Tilburg, The Netherlands, with a special performance that will span the innovative British band’s 25-year career, and include special guest appearances by former bassist and songwriter Duncan Patterson and original singer Darren White. The Roadburn show will be one of just a few dates that will make up Anathema’s short 2015 ‘Resonance’ tour.

Anathema have steadily built a loyal following worldwide, and their career trajectory is unlike that of any other band in the last quarter century, and will be reflected and celebrated in reverse chronological order at Roadburn 2015. Starting with the anthemic progressive rock of their recent work (2012’s classic Weather Systems and 2010’s We’re Here Because We’re Here), the performance will gradually move back in time through the more gothic-oriented material of 1998’s Alternative 4 and 1996’s Eternity, all the way back to the pioneering work of 1995’s The Silent Enigma and the 1993 debut Serenades, with Patterson and White joining the band onstage for an historic reunion.

“Roadburn festival [is] a hugely respected institution and has to be the most fitting launch for the Anathema 'Resonance' tour, [It will be] a celebration of the band's entire history, and to be joined by our old friends and comrades Duncan Patterson and Darren White for these exclusive shows will be a very special, potent and positive event for all of us. We hope you can join in this once in a lifetime celebration” - Danny Cavanagh. 

This will be one of Roadburn 2015’s absolute highlights, and we can’t express how happy we are that the band has chosen Roadburn for such a once in a lifetime performance. Anathema's early albums – the lineups with Duncan Patterson and Darren White – as well as the Judgement album have been a huge influence on many bands that have played Roadburn over the years, and they they are a blueprint for the festival itself as well. We’ve been in love with this band since the beginning, and their headlining performance on Sunday is Roadburn’s own tribute to Anathema, a unique opportunity for fans to see the band perform with two crucial early members.

The 20th edition of Roadburn Festival runs from April 9 to 12, 2015 in Tilburg, The Netherlands.


Source: Roadburn (Promo)

ANATHEMA will play a special show at the ROADBURN 2015

CD review MACHINE HEAD "Bloodstones and diamonds"

Veröffentlicht am 10. November 2014 von Markus W. in Machine Head, Thrash Metal, Heavy Metal, Speed Metal, CD Review, News, Modern Metal

(9/10) Machine Head has created a sound over time that stands out from most of the other thrash bands. If you hear a song from the Oakland, California based band you will recognise it immediatley. It is this quite unique thrash metal that is modernized by some modern metal elements without losing the intenstity and the roots.

Machine Head stands for a modern version of thrash metal with brutal riffs and a punch that steamroll everything. But beside the really heavy trademarks of the band there are the breaks when Machine Head's music shows a fragile and silent side as well. The opener of the newest album "Bloodstones and diamonds" shows this very well. It is an very aggressive song with a brutal riff. But it takes more to make a seven minutes long opener really exciting. Machine Head achieves this by adding a silent part halfway. And it's Machine Head who can include strings in their thrash sound without become farcical. The way they do it fits really good into the song structure and doesn't feel forced. 

"Killers and kings" instead is much more straightforward. It is a four minutes thrasher with great guitar solos and the typical Rob Flynn vocals.

A highlight on "Bloodstones and diamonds" is the epical long "Sail into the black". Eventhough the song differs quite a lot from the rest of the material on the album, it is still recognisable as a Machine Head track. It starts depressive and slow. Some piano parts and baleful sounds together with the vocals create an expression of the calmness before the storm. The track keeps this pattern till the end, eventhough it becomes heavier along the way. It's a slow and mean journey into the black. The title couldn't have been chosen better.

Another songs I really like is "Game over". The song driven by a hammering rhythm and reminds in the verse to Slipknot. This is mainly since the vocal lines have the same musical insanity as the ones from Corey Taylor. Compared to that the chorus is very melodic by having still this enormous punch. And the grooving part in the end can be seen as the cherry on this metal cake.

Another surprise is called "Damage inside". The song sounds like a three minutes intermezzo in the second hal of "Bloodstones and Diamons". Rob Flynn is singing (yes 'singing' not 'shouting') and the first half of the tune is even a capella. The guitar accompanies Flynn towards the end, but still in a very shereful way. No riff, just a silent and melancholic song. A track with a sm=imilar pattern is "Imaginal cells" which includes only spoeken words as vocals. An interesting experiment that works well.

The other songs on the album can easily keep the same high quality. Each of them a Machine Head strike per excellence.

It's those mentioned surprises that makes a Machine Head album so exciting. They are not following one pattern of success and copy this from record to record. They have adjusted a lot from their debut "Burn my eyes" till now. But they always kept their trademarks and developed the nuances. 

Very good metal stuff from an experienced and hungry band.





  1. Now we die
  2. Killers & kings
  3. Ghosts will haunt my bones
  4. Night of long knives
  5. Sail into the black
  6. Eyes of the dead
  7. Beneath the slit
  8. In comes the flood
  9. Damage inside
  10. Game over
  11. Imaginal cells
  12. Take me through the fire


Label: Nuclear Blast

Genre: Thrash Metal


CD review MACHINE HEAD "Bloodstones and diamonds"

CD/DVD review SAXON "Warriors of the road - The SAXON chronicles part II"

Veröffentlicht am 10. November 2014 von Markus W. in Saxon, CD Review, DVD review, Heavy Metal, Power Metal, Rock, News, Classic Rock

(8/10) The eagle is on the road again. Next to the Saxon tour, taking place right now, the metal icons also released a CD/DVD package called "Warriors on the road". It is the continuation of "Chronicles" from 2001 and the focus is more on 'old and new'. 

The content of this package could have been enough for three DVD's. It's not only one show they pressed on a silver disc. No. It's four gigs from big festivals all over Europe in 2012 and 2013. The most extensive show was played in Wacken 2012. In total 19 classics from Saxon have been performed there, recorded and burned on DVD. It was an amazing event covering hits like "747 (Strangers in the night)", "Princess of the night" and "Crusader". 

In order to capture also newer material the legendary band also released stuff from the 2013 Graspop, including "Sacrifice" and "Wheels of terror" from the latest studio album.

The first DVD contains the Steelhouse Festival show and what is nice is the fact, that inbetween you get many insights from Biff Byford and his fellows. Partly interviews and partly a documentary it is good and entertaining stuff to look at.  You might think that it is a downer not seeing the entire show in a row. But the constant switch gives the DVD a good flow and the show is also available on the CD (eventhough the sound isn't the very best). The real live pleasure comes with the three other mentioned appearances on DVD 2. All in excellent quality when it comes to the filming and the sound with the Wacken show as the 'heart' of "Warriors on the road".

"Warriors on the road" is a great package that gives a lot of Saxon. This release is for fans, collectors and also people who haven't heard about the mighty  NWoBHM band before.

Go for it and by the way, it also can be a very nice Christmas present too.




Tracklist Steelhouse Festival 2013 (CD/DVD):

  1. Sacrifice
  2. Wheels Of Terror
  3. And The Bands Played On
  4. Conquistador
  5. Stand Up And Fight
  6. 747
  7. Crusader
  8. Denim & Leather
  9. Princess Of The Night


Tracklist Download Festival 2012 (DVD):

  1. Heavy Metal Thunder  
  2. Hammer of the Gods  
  3. Power and the Glory  
  4. 20,000 Ft  
  5. Strong Arm of the Law  
  6. Denim and Leather  
  7. Wheels of Steel  
  8. Princess of the Night  
  9. And the Bands Played On


Tracklist Wacken Open Air 2012 (DVD):

  1. Heavy Metal Thunder  
  2. Hammer of the Gods  
  3. Power and the Glory  
  4. 20,000 Ft  
  5. Never Surrender  
  6. Dogs of War  
  7. Motorcycle Man  
  8. I've Got to Rock (To Stay Alive)  
  9. Crusader  
  10. Rock the Nations  
  11. Drum Solo  
  12. Battalions of Steel  
  13. The Eagle Has Landed  
  14. Wheels of Steel  
  15. To Hell and Back Again  
  16. Denim and Leather  
  17. Encore:
  18. Strong Arm of the Law  
  19. 747 (Strangers in the Night)  
  20. Princess of the Night  


Tracklist Graspop Festival 2013 (DVD):

  1. Sacrifice  
  2. Wheels of Terror  
  3. Power and the Glory  
  4. Heavy Metal Thunder  
  5. Made in Belfast  
  6. Denim and Leather  
  7. Motorcycle Man  
  8. I've Got to Rock (To Stay Alive)  
  9. Stand Up and Fight  
  10. 747 (Strangers in the Night)  
  11. Strong Arm of the Law  
  12. Wheels of Steel  
  13. Crusader  
  14. Princess of the Night  

Label: UDR

Genre: Heavy Metal

CD/DVD review SAXON "Warriors of the road - The SAXON chronicles part II"

CD review A tribute to SEA SHEPHERD "For the ocean"

Veröffentlicht am 9. November 2014 von Markus W. in Sea Shepard, Heavy Metal, Death Metal, Thrash Metal, Hardrock, Rock, CD Review, News

(*/10) Sea Shepherd Conservation Society is a Non-Profit-Organisation that is fighting against whaling, dealing and overdone fishing. Founded already in 1977 in Friday Harbor, Washington they see their mission in protecting the oceans.

Now it was musician and Sea Shepherd supporter Michael Tenten, who started up the initative of creating a metal sampler for supporting Sea Shepherd. He could team-up with several bands from the metal scene to realize his idea.

The result is the sample simply called "For the ocean". Bands like Die Apokalyptischen Reiter, Domain and Sapiency contributed with songs. I don't want to go too much into detail about the twelve tracks. It is about the message. But all of the tunes are good and worth to be listened to. And with broad range of styles also each of you will find at least a couple of songs you'll like. There is the more melodic metal stuff like "Burning red" from Domain and at th other end there is the thrash/death sounds of Sapiency and Debauchery. And with e.g. the Shanghai Guns also some more hardrock music found a place on the tracklist.

But again, it is less about the music. It is more about supporting a Non-Profit Organisation in their engagement of protecting the oceans.





  1. Bodyguerra: Think it over
  2. Ayscobe: The ocean
  3. Domain: Burning red
  4. Sapiency: Tomorrow
  5. Inner Sanctum: Agent of chaos
  6. Shanghai Guns: Long way hard decision
  7. Peoples Temper: Monumental
  8. Siren's Legacy: Ghostship
  9. Krautalarm: Kontinent Plastik
  10. Die Apokalyptischen Reiter :Freiheit, Gliecheit, Brüderlichkeit
  11. Debauchery: Kings of carnage
  12. Bleeding Red: Nameless
  13. Neurotox: Wir klagen an
  14. Zaragon: Raindrop


Label: Bacillus Records/Bellaphon

Genre: Heavy Metal


CD review A tribute to SEA SHEPHERD "For the ocean"

CD/DVD review WITHIN TEMPTATION "Let us burn (Elements & Hydra live in concert)"

Veröffentlicht am 9. November 2014 von Markus W. in Within Temptation, Hardrock, Heavy Metal, Symphonic Metal, DVD review, CD Review, News

(8/10) "Let us burn" is the new live release from Dutch symphonic rockers Within Temptation. The set includes 3 dics - one DVD/BluRay and 2 CD.

The story around this release is an interesting one. One of the DVDs contains the "Elements" show in Antwerp as being THE celebration of the bands 15th anniversary. The show has taken place in 2012 and was meant to become an own release. But things went different and Within Temptation's milestone moment became part of the package that also includes the "Hydra" shows from Amsterdam. Those have been taken place beginning of May 2014 (review and photos see link below) and the concerts in the  Heineken Music Hall have been the final ones of the first leg of the "Hydra" tour. And last but not least there is the CD that carries the audio version of both live event.

I will not go too much into detail about the "Hydra" show. Things can be read in the live review on Markus' Heavy Music Blog. But what I can add here is that the DVD and the CD reflects the live atmosphere very well. It was an impressive show with an excellent sound and a setlist that covered the bands highlights. Only small remark is that the DVD as well as the CD doesn't cover the entire setlist. A few songs that have been performed live are missing - like e.g. "Angel", Silver moonlight" and "Summetime sadness". For the rest it is a nice capture of a fantastic evening.

As said, the "Elements" show took place in Antwerp in 2012. The show was sold out and Within Temptation celebrated the evening together with fans from more than 50 countries. Of course bombast ruled that night. The band had full orchestra support and also guest appearances of former members like Martijn Westerhold (now Delain) and six-stringer Michiel Papenhove have been part of the unique event. 

The show itself had all kind of effects and an extraordinary lightshow. Sound and visual realiszation on the DVD are excellent and I don't have the feeling that there was very much adjusted afterwards. When it comes to the songs on the CD/DVD it is that same as with the "Hydra" one. There are also songs missing that have been performed live. Again "Summertime sadness" - the Lana DelRay cover, "Memories" plus some other cover version like "Titanium" are not on the album. 

The outfits for this outstanding night were designed by Jan Boelo, a Dutch designer. Sharon wore several costums during the show which added an extra to the evening. It is a nice visual and aural document of a great night and big moment in the history of Within Temptation.

With this package you get a lot of Within Temptation. The only small point of critic is that there is now additional material on the DVD. Interviews, Behind the scene material, fan comments,... are missing, but would have made a very good package even better. However, you get two shows and more than 30 songs. Good entertainment for long winter nights.




Tracklist CD/DVD (Hyrda live):

  1. Let us burn
  2. Paradise
  3. Faster
  4. Iron
  5. Eahle of the world
  6. In the middle of the night
  7. Dangerous
  8. And we run
  9. Stand my ground
  10. Covere by roses
  11. Mother earth
  12. What have you done
  13. Silver moonlight
  14. Whole world is watching
  15. Sinhead
  16. Ice queen


Tracklist CD/DVD (Elements live):

  1. Intro
  2. Iron
  3. In the middle of the night
  4. Faster
  5. Fire & ice
  6. Our solemn hour
  7. Stand my ground
  8. Angels
  9. Sanctuary
  10. The lasy dance
  11. Say my name
  12. Candles
  13. Sinhead
  14. The promise
  15. Mother earth
  16. Ice queen
  17. Stairway tot the skies


Label: BMG

Genre: Symphonic Metal

CD/DVD review WITHIN TEMPTATION "Let us burn (Elements & Hydra live in concert)"

Live review OPETH / ALCEST, Amsterdam, 07.11.2014

Veröffentlicht am 8. November 2014 von Markus W. in Opeth, Alcest, Death Metal, Black Metal, Heavy Metal, Classic Rock, Prog Metal, Live Review, News

It was very busy on the Arena Boulevard in Amsterdam that night. Linkin Park played a show at the Ziggo Arena and the mighty Opeth rocked the Heineken Music Hall. Both venues are just a few hundred meters away from each other which means that it was peak time on the boulevard.
I haven't experienced a moment when the meaning of 'mainstream' became so obvious. The mainstream walked towards the Linkin Show event, while a pretty small group walked against the flow - all with Opeth in their mind and in their heart. What a symbolic situation.
Based on that I was curious if Opeth could get Heineken Music Hall filled. And they did. The show wasn't sold out but the venue was quite packed. Opeth fans are loyal.

When I arrived Alcest from France entered the stage. I have to admit that I have missed the band so far, but what I heard was really good stuff. Starting in the black metal / death metal sector the band developed towards a sphereful post-rock sound. The four-piece used the moment as support for Opeth. A clear sign herefore was the huge amount of listeners in front of the stage. It was great to see/hear the band playing. With a lot of humbleness the French guys build wall of guitar sounds combined with sensitive melodies that have been great. I was very much under the impression of Alcest and I think that the band has an additional fan from now on.

Live review OPETH / ALCEST, Amsterdam, 07.11.2014
Live review OPETH / ALCEST, Amsterdam, 07.11.2014

Than it was time to give a ‚varmt välkomen’ to Opeth. The guys from Stockholm, Sweden had their first headliner show in the HMH. But as Mikael Åkerfeld stated, it was actually the second show, since the opened earlier for Dream Theater at the same venue.

However, now it was time for them as being the headliner.

The setlist of course focussed in parts on the last record „Pale communion“ – a really great album by the way. Starting with two tracks from the newest record Opeth had a fantastic entry into their show. But what really made the night special was the fact that they also went back in time and unpacked old highlights. The heaviest one was „April ethereal“ from the 1998 release „My arms your hearse“. As Åkerfeld said himself, a song that is inspired by black metal. And if you listen to the way the song is build a lot of black metal shines through. Very cool stuff and honestly I have to say that I miss those songs nowadays a bit in their sound.

As also James Hetfield mentioned it a while ago, there was ‚new stuff and old stuff’. Talking about Hetfield, Åkerfeld also played around a bit with ‚old’ Hetfield trick „Oh yeah“. It’s funny to see that this thing really works so well. Åkerfeld got an immediate immense reaction from the fans.

He is anyhow a good entertainer. The charismatic guitarist singer/guitarist loves to be in contact with the fans. With always a joke on his lips he recognised a fan texting, told that he washed his hair just before the show with shampoo and conditioner and so on. Good to see that very creative musicians don’t take themselves and their music too serious. There always needs to be a sense of humor too.

That the band „was cursed by technical problems on this tour“, stated by the bandleader, wasn’t obvious till the end. The sound was actually very good and nuanced. Åkerfeld had a small problem with his guitar halfway the show - no big thing. Shit happens. But exactly when the Swedes wanted to start with „The grand conjuration“ from the 2005 album „Ghost reveries“ his guitar had a real breakdown. The band bravely continued before the frontman stopped them. It seemed that the sender was the problem, because when the guitar was plugged in (by a real cable) things worked again very well. And it was up to decide for the audience if the band should continue where they stopped or if they should start from scratch. Easy decision – start from the beginning again. The result was a brutal but still very dynamic version of the song with growls per excellence combined with the fragile soundscapes.

After more or less 2 hours the final chords have been played. With „Deliverence“ Opeth rounded of a successful evening. Upfront Åkerfeld wasn’t sure if he and his band could fill the venue. But they did. Opeth has a big and loyal fanbase that seems to grow constantly. And everybody who was part of the show understood why. If you haven’t been there you missed something.

By the way, when I left the HMH the earlier mentioned ‚mainstream’ came back from the Linkin Park show and they also looked very happy. However, Opeth was the much better choice for me.

Live review OPETH / ALCEST, Amsterdam, 07.11.2014

Setlist Alcest:

  1. Opale
  2. Là où naissant les couleurs nouvelle
  3. Autre temps
  4. L’eveil des muses
  5. Percées de lumieère
  6. Délivrance


Setlist Opeth:

  1. Eternal rain will come
  2. Cusp of eternity
  3. Bleak
  4. The moor
  5. Advent
  6. Elysian woes
  7. Windowpane
  8. The devil’s orchard
  9. April ethereal
  10. The lotus eater
  11. The grand conjuration
  12. Deliverance (Encore)


Location: Heineken Music Hall, Amsterdam

Date: 07.11.2014

Live review OPETH / ALCEST, Amsterdam, 07.11.2014
Live review OPETH / ALCEST, Amsterdam, 07.11.2014

Fantastic photos from LINKIN PARK, Amsterdam, 07.11.2014

Veröffentlicht am 8. November 2014 von Markus W. in Linkin Park, News, Modern Metal, Alternative Metal, Alternative Rock, Rock

Here are some fantastic photos from Dutch photographer Paul Barendregt taken at the Linkin Park show in the Ziggo Dome in Amsterdam on 07.11.2014. Enjoy them.



  1. Mashup intro #2
  2. Guily all the same
  3. Given up
  4. Points of authority
  5. One step closer
  6. Blackout
  7. Papercut
  8. Rebellion
  9. Runaway
  10. Wastelands
  11. Castle of glass
  12. Leave out all the rest/Shadow of the day/Iridescent
  13. Robot boy
  14. Joe Hahn solo
  15. Burn it down
  16. Waiting for the end
  17. Final masquerade
  18. Wretches and kings/Remember the name
  19. Numb
  20. In the end
  21. Faith
  22. Lost in the echo
  23. New divide
  24. Crawling
  25. Until it's gone
  26. What I've done
  27. Bleed it out
Fantastic photos from LINKIN PARK, Amsterdam, 07.11.2014
Fantastic photos from LINKIN PARK, Amsterdam, 07.11.2014
Fantastic photos from LINKIN PARK, Amsterdam, 07.11.2014
Fantastic photos from LINKIN PARK, Amsterdam, 07.11.2014
Fantastic photos from LINKIN PARK, Amsterdam, 07.11.2014
Fantastic photos from LINKIN PARK, Amsterdam, 07.11.2014
Fantastic photos from LINKIN PARK, Amsterdam, 07.11.2014
Fantastic photos from LINKIN PARK, Amsterdam, 07.11.2014
Fantastic photos from LINKIN PARK, Amsterdam, 07.11.2014
Fantastic photos from LINKIN PARK, Amsterdam, 07.11.2014
Fantastic photos from LINKIN PARK, Amsterdam, 07.11.2014
Fantastic photos from LINKIN PARK, Amsterdam, 07.11.2014

OPETH live - now

Veröffentlicht am 7. November 2014 von Markus W.

OPETH live - now

ALCEST in Amsterdam as opener for OPETH

Veröffentlicht am 7. November 2014 von Markus W.

ALCEST in Amsterdam as opener for OPETH

Review will follow. Was a cool show,


CD review KAIPA "Sattyg"

Veröffentlicht am 6. November 2014 von Markus W. in Kaipa, Rock, Prog Rock, CD Review, News

(7/10) Kaipa stands for rock from Sweden with folk- and prog influences. To be honest - I missed the band so far. It's maybe the same with you.

So, let's have a look back in time. The band started already in the end of the 70's. It was in 1975 when they have released their debut. Starting in this period also reflects a bit the roots and influences of Kaipa. It was the period of the bombastic and pomous rock sounds. Bands like e.g. Yes and Pink Floyd have released their masterpieces.

After having released five records the band disbanded and it took 20 years before Hans Ludin, the founder of Kaipa, reactivated the band again.

They found with InsideOut a label and started to work on a new record. The result was the 2002 release "Notes from the past". Now the new album was released a couple of days ago. A remarkable fact is the guys supporting Ludin on the album. The closest cooperation was probabaly with Per Nilsson from Scar Symmetry on guitar. But also Jonas Reingold from Flower Kings was part of the album on bass and the drums have been played by Morgan Agren (Mats & Morgan, Zappa). The line-up is completed by Patrik Lundstrom (Ritual) and Aleen Gibson - both being responsible for the vocals.

The start into the album is a statement. It is the 15 minutes long "A map of your secert world". It's a silent song with acoustic guitars in the beginning and a great vocal performance of Patrik Lundstrom in a duett with Aleen Gibson. The tune get more powerful in the second half and the prog passion comes more upfront. There are with "Screwed-upness" and "A sky full of painters" two more epically long tracks on the album. All very exciting and an acoustic journey for the listener.

But I really like "Unique when we fall" on the album. Again, it's a chilling beginning before the tune builds up to a real energetic rock song. The tune has a bit a more direct approach which fits very well.

The album became a fine piece of music that is very soulful and passionated. For me personally it became a bit too playful here and there but this doesn't limit the quality of the music at all. This is high level rock music played by experienced musicians with the songs being in focus.





  1. A map of the secret world
  2. World of the void
  3. Screwed-upness
  4. Sattyg
  5. A sky full of painters
  6. Unique when we fall
  7. Without time - beyond time


Label: InsideOut

Genre: Prog Rock

CD review KAIPA "Sattyg"

CD review WHITESNAKE "Live in 1984 - Back to the bone"

Veröffentlicht am 6. November 2014 von Markus W. in Whitesnake, Hardrock, Blues, Rock, Heavy Metal, CD Review, News, Jon Lord, Deep Purple

(*/10) My first thought was 'another live album from Whitesnake'. And in one or another way this is also correct. But there is a thought behind "Live in 1984 - Back to the bone".

It was 30 years ago, in 1984, when Whitesnake released their "Slide it in" record. David Coverdale had always great musicians around him but the line-up for "Slide it in" was probabaly one of the best ones ever.

This brings me directly to the second reason that makes this album relevant. Three guys from this legendary line-up aren't among us anymore. The legendary drummer Cozy Powell, Six-stringer Mel Galley and last but not least the unique Jon Lord passed away in the last years and the album is a great tribute to them too.

The songs on the longplayer represent Whitesnake in the beginning of the eighties very well. It contains all the classics of the band including "Soldier of fortune" from Deep Purple. A highlight is for sure the medley which is the last song on the album. This couldn't be chosen and placed better since it was taken from the final Jon Lord performance with Whitesnake - a sad moment in this sense.

The album doesn't cover one specific concert. It is more a mixture of different recordings from many shows during the world tour in 1984. This also means that the quality differs between the tracks. David Coverdale mentiones in the label info that it "selected bootleg audio tracks, all taken from performances from our world tour..."

The sound quality jumps between OK and good. This makes the album very authentic, but it is sometimes also a bit more low-fi than hi-fi.

In general "Live in 1984 - Back to the bone" convinces more based on the circumstances around the recording. If you're looking for a Whitesnake live records with a proper sound there are for sure better ones in the bands history. But if you're looking for an authentic and relevant live documentation from one of the biggest hardrock/classic rock bands than this is your album to go for.





  1. Gambler
  2. Guilty of love
  3. Love ain't no stranger
  4. Slow an' easy
  5. Walking in the shadow of the blues
  6. Ready an' willing
  7. Guitar solo
  8. Crying in the rain
  9. Soldier of fortune
  10. Love ain't no stranger
  11. Readt an' willing
  12. Slow an' easy
  13. Gambler, Guilty of love, Love ain't no stranger, Ready an' willing medley


Label: Frontiers

Genre: Hardrock

CD review WHITESNAKE "Live in 1984 - Back to the bone"
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