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KROKODIL signs to Spienfarm Records

Veröffentlicht am 2. Oktober 2014 von Markus W. in Krokodil, Heavy Metal, Sludge, News, Tour

KROKODIL, the new signing to Spinefarm Records, featuring members & previous members of Cry For Silence, Hexes, Gallows & SikTh – will be releasing their debut album, Nachash, on November 10th via Spinefarm Records

Following this, the band will embark on a tour gueisting Mastodon and Big Business, taking their own brand of riff-heavy ‘Krokodil rock’ all over the UK & Europe this November & December! 
19.11. Dublin (IRL)- Academy
20.11. Belfast (NIR)- Limelight
22.11. Southampton (UK) - O2 Guildhall
24.11. Manchester (UK) - Academy
25.11. Newcastle (UK) - O2 Academy
26.11. Glasgow (UK) - O2 Academy
28.11. London (UK) - O2 Brixton Academy
29.11. Birmingham (UK) - O2 Academy
01.12. Nottingham  (UK) - Rock City
02.12. Bristol (UK) - Academy
04.12. Den Haag (NL) – Paard Van Troje 
05.12. Torhout (B) – De Mast
07.12. Madrid (ES) – La Riviera
08.12. Barcelona (ES) - Razzmatazz 
10.12. Milan (IT) - Fabrique
11.12. Pratteln (CH) – Z7
12.12. Munchen (D) - Backstage
13.12. Dortmund (D) - FZW
Photo: Promo

Photo: Promo


Jackson on tour with KREATOR

Veröffentlicht am 1. Oktober 2014 von Markus W. in Kreator, Jackson, Sodom, Vader, Arch Enemey, Tour, Thrash Metal, Death Metal, News

Jackson accompanies the thrash legends of KREATOR on their upcoming European tour. During stops in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and the Netherlands, fans have the opportunity to test some of the official Jackson models and learn more about the new products. At the Jackson booth an exclusive range of electric guitars of various Jackson series will be presented. And of course: Milles signature model, the Jackson "Phobia" will be definately not be missing. Plus: It also attracts as the top prize of the Jackson raffle.

Jackson on tour with KREATOR


Veröffentlicht am 1. Oktober 2014 von Markus W. in Avatarium, Rock, Classic Rock, Doom Metal, Heavy Metal, News, Candlemass

Here comes an official teaser from Avatariums new EP "All I want" which will be released mid November.


New lyric video from ZODIAC

Veröffentlicht am 1. Oktober 2014 von Markus W. in Zodiac, Rock, Hardrock, Classic Rock, Video, News

News from Zodiac. The band has released a new lyric video for "Sad song", a tune from the latest album "Sonic child". Check out the song and listen to the album. It's worth it.


CD review NICKE BORG HOMELAND "Ruins of a riot"

Veröffentlicht am 1. Oktober 2014 von Markus W. in Nicke Borg, Nicke Borg Homeland, Backyard Babies, Rock, Hardrock, CD Review, News, Dregen

(6/10) This album is different from what I expected. If I look on the heritage of the Backyard Babies I have to think about dirty rock'n'roll with a certain unconventional punk attitude. This spirit was also continued on Dregen's solo album and I have expected something similar when it comes to Nicke Borg. Esp. since the first solo-releases from Borg have shown some good results.

But sometimes things are different than what you think. Nicke Borg Homeland's "Ruins of a riot", the fourth album under this header, is going much more into a mainstream direction than what I have expected.

Already the opener "This war" states it very clearly; the melodies are in focus. The tune still rocks, but it also has a sweet taste - partly a bitter-sweet taste. It's more a catchy party tune than the soundtrack for an evening with a beer in a bar.

The next two songs confirm the first impression. Both tracks sound like a rock version of Roxette songs. It's a quality statement when it comes to the hook, but different from what I expect.

Than it gets with "End of the rainbow" acoustic. The tune is a soulful one and I ask myself why I have to think about Poison.

Even the "Heartless hooligan" comes very harmonically. The title and the sound don’t really feel together.

However, if you expect a rock'n'roll party from this album you should forget it. In case you are looking for melodic rock music you should 'risk an ear' and listen to the ten songs. I’m more belonging to the first group.





  1. This war
  2. Makin out with chaos
  3. Midsummer mad
  4. End of the rainbow
  5. Borrowed feathers
  6. Out of line
  7. Revolution
  8. Heartless hooligan
  9. Ruins of a riot
  10. Devil angel mother


Label: Gain

Gerne: Melodic Hardrock


CD review NICKE BORG HOMELAND "Ruins of a riot"

CD review CONVENT GUILT "Guns for hire"

Veröffentlicht am 1. Oktober 2014 von Markus W. in Convent Guilt, Heavy Metal, Hardrock, Classic Rock, Rock, DAD, CD Review, News

(7/10) New stuff from Down Under. Convent Guilt are pretty new. The four piece from Sydney, New South Wales, was founded in 2011, released a demo in 2012 and have now their debut in the starting block.

I haven't heard from the band before. Those are always the exciting moments because you don't have an idea about what will come out of the speakers.

Honestly I was a bit disappointed when I heard the first song on "Guns for hire". The riff of "Angels in black leather" sounds almost like "Summer of 69" from Bryan Adams. But of course we aren't talking about Canadian mainstream rock. The song becomes a more oldschool NWoBHM track after a few chords. What I didn't really like with the opener are the vocal lines. For the rest the tune is pretty OK. 

BUT, things become better from the second song onwards. "Don't close your eyes" reminds to D.A.D.'s "Sleeping my day away" with a typical Krokus riff. Actually a cool combination. The vocals are better than on the opener, eventhough I have to say that those are still the weak point on the album. They are not my cup of tea.

However, the more song I heard the more I liked the music.The charm of this album is the wild mix of different influences combined with a basic but OK production. This is a big relief in those days with some almost steril productions. 

There is a bit of Ramones in raunchy "Perverse altar" and bit of New Model Army in the beginning of "They took her away", before the tunes picks up some Maiden motives when it comes to the guitar sound. Towards the end it gets fast. "Stockade" is a real bouncer. A fast and kicking beat pushes the song that rounds of a wild metal journey. 

Convent Guilt are for sure no revolution of metal and they also don't get an award for innovation. But the album is honest and it feels that there are four musicians who are doing what they want most. In my point of view this is 'having fun together' and have a good time. If you're looking for the same the album is worth to check.





  1. Angels in black leather
  2. Don't close your eyes
  3. Perverse altar
  4. The took her away
  5. Guns for hire
  6. Desert brat
  7. Convict at arms
  8. Stockade



Genre: Heavy Metal


CD review CONVENT GUILT "Guns for hire"
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