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Live review JAN DELAY, Emsland Arena, Lingen, 11.10.14

Veröffentlicht am 14. Oktober 2014 von Markus W. in Jan Delay, Rock, Live Review, News, Emsland Arena, Disko No.1, Brass Band Moop Mama

Lingen is a small city in the Western part of Germany. It's a contemplative town with around 50.000 people living there. On this Saturday night the city was hosting a show from German 'Rogger' Jan Delay. The guy from Hamburg started many years ago and was part of the Hamburg-hip-hop scene, before he developed his own solo project Jan Delay and the Disko No.1. The whole thing became more and more rocking over time and that's one of the reasons why this review ends up on my blog. And the fact that he wrote a song called "Wacken' qualifies  Delay even more to be mentioned on a heavy blog ;)

It was the brazz band Moop Mama who filled in the role of the opening act. There rhythm based and rap oriented music did what was meant to be achieved. The ten guys from Munich warmed-up the crowd and prepeared the scene very well for the main act.

It was around 21:00 in the fairly new Emsland Arena, when Jan Delay and his Disko No.1 entered the stage. What followed was a two hour show, that made almost 4.500 fans singing, jumping, dancing,... It was one big party.

The songs from Delay cover a lot of different styles; all connected by the enormous amount of energy the guys spreads. It's basically rock music (with two six-stringers) and hip-hop (that's where the groove comes from) that build the base for his music. The whole thing is spiced-up with funk and even reggae elements.

Hits like "Wacken", "Feuer", Action" and "Sie kann nicht tanzen" (incl. a dance battle between the hornsection-guys and background singers) have been highly appreciated by the crowd. The band itself was even so enthusiastic that the lost track of "Johnny" while they played the song. Next to the own brilliant songs they also included in a smart way some parts of e.g. "Fight for your right (to party)" from the mighty Beastie Boys or "Song 2" from Blur.

The gig ended with Delay's ode for St.Pauli. "St.Pauli" was the right anthem to round off an excellent Saturday night party of a guy with his band that burned downed a grooving rock firework.

The 120 minutes have been a great party, esp. since Delay is also an excellent entertaining. He was constantly in touch with the fans what was very well received. The Emsland Arena became a big grooving madhouse.

Jan Delay is making music based on passion and dedication. He just loves what he is doing. This is what you can hear, feel and see every single minute. But it is  also highlighted by the fact that e.g. the merch is no rip-off like often seen with other bands. A Jan Delay shirt for EUR 20 is more than fair.

Check the music of Delay. I think you will like it. And don't bother about the German lyrics. The guy mumbles that much that even Germans have a hard time to understand those :) But what are words when music is the common language.


Location: Emsland Arena, Lingen, Germany

Date: 11.10.2014

Live review JAN DELAY, Emsland Arena, Lingen, 11.10.14
Live review JAN DELAY, Emsland Arena, Lingen, 11.10.14
Live review JAN DELAY, Emsland Arena, Lingen, 11.10.14

DESTRUCTION live in Rotterdam...

Veröffentlicht am 13. Oktober 2014 von Markus W.

DESTRUCTION live in Rotterdam...

Interview with Torkjell "Toschie" Rød from AUDREY HORNE

Veröffentlicht am 13. Oktober 2014 von Markus W. in Audrey Horne, '77, Pet The Preacher, Hardrock, Rock, Classic Rock, News, Interview

Norwegian classic rockers Audrey Horne released a new album a few days ago. MHMB wanted to know a bit more about „Pure heavy“. I was talking to singer Toschie some days ago and he gave some new insights into the album and also a preview on the upcoming tour in autumn. Here you go:




Markus Heavy Music Blog: Hi Toschie. Great having the chance to talk to you. How are you?


Toschie: I’m good, thanks.


MHMB: Are you in Bergen right now - and is it raining (note: Bergen has a lot of rain due to geographical circumstances)


Toschie: No, actually we had a great summer this year. But there is a lot of rain supposed to come during the weekend.


MHMB: Something more pleasant is the fact that you guys have a new album up and running. How does it feel?


Toschie: It’s always a great feeling. It is something you work on for a long time, you develop it, you ‚polish‘ it’ and you want it to be as good as possible. So when a new album is being released it is very exciting since there is the curiosity about how people will perceive the record. It’s about the question if the fans like the new stuff or if it’s only us who likes it. 

So far we have received really good reviews on our album and this gives us of course a good feeling.


MHMB: I have to say that I like it too. And I can see some development during the last albums. It seems that you guys have taken away the melancholic parts in your songs.


Toschie: That's right. It just happened. We never really planned to change our music. But we adjusted the way we wrote music and we also recorded differently. On the first two albums we had the situation that Arve was sitting at his place and wrote some music. Thomas was doing the same thing. Than I actually came over to both of them and added the melody lines and the lyrics. After that we went into the studio with those finished songs, which we actually haven’t really played so far. During time we recognized that something is missing. We had the feeling that this typical live atmosphere isn’t on our albums. That was the kickstart for changing the way of how we wrote music. We began to work on new stuff all together in the rehearsal room and also tried to record live - all together. By doing this we had the idea to get the right attitude and energy on the album.

This way of working had an impact on our music. It is something different if you sitting at home with your guitar in your lap compared to the new approach. That’s one reason why the album lost the melancholy from your earlier releases.

Photo: Napalm Records (Promo)

Photo: Napalm Records (Promo)

MHMB: Classic rock got a bigger focus on „Pure heavy“. The alternative metal trademarks of the first albums are almost gone over time. Was this also due to the new way of working?


Toschie: The before said also had an influence on the more classic rock approach on the new album. It is basically the fact that all of us has listened to the same bands when we were young. Since we worked all togther those influences came more up to the surface again and had an impact on our music.. 


MHMB: This might also added a certain ease to „Pure heavy“. It feels like you guys did what you wanted to do instead of recording what you had to record.


Toschie: Yeah, it’s that, but it’s also the we are became older. And if you get older you start to care less. Things that have been really important when we started twelve years ago are less important today. We have chosen the approach of ‚let’s go out and focus on something that we enjoy‘. The rest doesn’t matter.


MHMB: If you compare „Youngblood“ and „Pure heavy“, where do you see the biggest differences?


Toschie: In the end it is very much the same. We wrote „Pure heavy“ in the same way as we did „Youngblood“, we recorded it in the same way and we also taped it live. The difference is that on the new record we wanted to use the benefits of the recording studio. We wanted to make the sound a bit bigger. We did some more overdubs, we used some samples and played around with some ideas regarding the sound. So „Youngblood’ is much more of a band playing live while the new album added another dimension to it. This is something which we always do. We don’t want to repeat ourselves constantly. We want to bring it to the next level.


MHMB:„Pure heavy“ has in the middle of the album an intermezzo called „Diamond“. It’s a full acoustic song and my thought was: Are you trying out if a ballad also would work for Audrey Horne?


Toschie: We started to write songs for „Pure heavy“ quite shortly after releasing „Youngblood“ and all the new material was meant to be on the new album. One exception: „Diamond“. This track is actually out of the „Le fol“ session. We wanted to do a slow song at that time. But for the one or the other reason we never finished it. While working on the new record we came across „Diamond“ and we recognized that it’s a pretty good song. So we sat down and finished the track. We kept it there, as you said, as an intermezzo and we realized that it shouldn't be too long. It’s enough to keep it short and acoustic. It actually was Jørgen, the producer, who convinced us based on the lyrics to keep it on vocals and guitars onl. And it works pretty well.

Photo: Napalm Records (Promo)

Photo: Napalm Records (Promo)

MHMB: Toschie, I heard a rumor regarding  „Tales from the crypt’.Is it true that you guys wanted to record the song together with Joan Jett?


Toschie: This is true. When we wrote the song we noticed that the guitars on that song are kept very simple and to the point. I just said, that it feels like a song Joan Jett should sing on. So we contacted our manager and asked him to try to get hold of her to see, if she is interested in doing something. But we couldn’t get in touch with her and we had to go to the studio. Time was running at that time. So we it was a good idea, but we did the song for ourselves.


MHMB: My personal highlight on the album is „Holy roller“. This song just blew me a way when I heard it the first time. I hope you guys have it on the setlist for the coming tour.


Toschie: Oh believe me - it will be there since we love to play this song live.


MHMB: Talking about the tour. Audrey Horne will be on tour this autumn in Europe. You’re supported by ’77 and Pet The Preacher. Do you know those guys already?


Toschie: I never met them so far but of course I heard their music. Pet The Preacher was fairly new to me while I knew about '77. I think it will be great tour since all bands are really good ones and fit perfectly together in a rock package. After touring with different bands like Enslaved and Solstafir in the past it's this time more a ‚good time hardrock' combination. 


MHMB: Toschie, is there something more from your side for the fans?


Toschie: Not that much, but I want to say to all the readers that they should check our new album "Pure heavy" and that they should come to our shows. As you mentioned we will have a tour now during autumn, but we are also planning an new tour in the beginning of 2015 to visit even more cities.


MHMB: That's good news. Thanks a lot for your time and we'll see each other on tour.


Toschie: Thanks for having me. 



CD review DALTON "Pit stop"

Veröffentlicht am 12. Oktober 2014 von Markus W. in Dalton, Rock, Melodic Rock, Hardrock, CD Review, News

(6/10) That Sweden is a country with very successful melodic rock bands is a well known fact.  like Treat, W.E.T., but especially Europe made the scene in the 80's - up till now.

Dalton is another one of those bands. It was former Treat drummer Mats Dahlberg who formed the band in the eighties and they have been pretty well-known in Sweden at that time. But the band disbanded in the nineties.

25 years later the members came together for a TV documentary. That was the kickstart for the new album, since they found out that the old vibe is still there - or there again.

"Pit stop" is the name of the new release which comes mid October via Frontiers. Funny enough I was more reminded the Swiss (hard)rock bands like Gotthard and China when I heart the record. "Pit stop" has eleven melodic tunes which are all from a good quality. The new written material for the band's third album focuses on big melodies that are based on a solid keyboard baseplate. Dalton has a sense for hooklines and catchy songs. It is easy-listening music.

This strength is in my point of view also the weak part of the album. Everything sound very well-known, which means that the surprising moments are very limited. The rough edges and the unexpected moments are very limited and "Pit stop" is a bit too polished too. What is 'promised' by the opener "Ready to rock" can't be kept on the entire album. The first song on the record is by far the strongest one. It's a real party rocker with an excellent chorus. I like the track.

Besides that the album has a very professional touch. The musicians have a lot of experience and Bo Lindmark is doing a great job as the singer of Dalton. But also the rhythm section is working tight together and Westfahl's guitar adds a lot to the totality too. There are crispy solos like on the mentioned "Ready to rock".

The production itself is noteworthy and fits to the style of Dalton in a prefect way. Again, maybe even to perfect since too burnished.

However, eventhough "Pit stop" doesn't show a lot of new inspiration it became a professional melodic rock disc. Fans from bands like the mentioned Europe, W.E.T. and Gotthard will like this album.





  1. Ready to rock
  2. Hey you
  3. Don't tell me lies
  4. Follow your dreams
  5. Up & down
  6. Bad love
  7. One voice
  8. Here we are
  9. Something for the pain
  10. 50/50
  11. TGIF


Label: Frontiers

Genre: Melodic Rock


CD review DALTON "Pit stop"

CD review BILLY IDOL "Kings & queens of the underground"

Veröffentlicht am 10. Oktober 2014 von Markus W. in Billy Idol, Steve Stevens, Rock, Punkrock, CD Review, News

(8/10) William Michael Albert Broad is releasing a new album. Who? It's Billy Idol who has a new album in the starting box. Nine years after his latest record "Devil's playground" the blond singer presents a new album. The name is "Kings & queens of the underground".

The punk pioneer recorded eleven new tracks. Most of them have been produced by Trevor Horn, while Greg Kurstin was responsible for two tunes. Both have done a good job by giving the album a dynamic and energetic sound.

And it is 'atomic playboy' Steve Stevens who is in on it. This is very good news, since the two guys seems to belong together when it's about music. Billy Idol had his most successful moments together with the six-stringer from Brooklyn, New York.  Albums like "Rebel yell" and "Whiplash smile" are milestones in modern rock music.

Anyhow, Stevens is to hear on the new album and the result is very positive. Much better than what I have expected. Of course there are no megahits like "Rebel yell' or "White wedding" to expect. But there are eleven cool rock songs on the album that are domintated by Idol's unique vocals and Stevens screaming guitar.

The start with "Bitter pill" couldn't be better. Stevens guitar rocks already from the beginning and Idols vocals are as we know it from him. The song has a good drive. It's a well chosen opener for the album. It has a touch of Simple Minds by the way.

With "Can't break me down" it gets even better. A song with all Billy Idol trademarks, eventhough the chorus became a bit too catchy. "Save me now" is a more silent tune that reminds with its melody to the eighties. It gets more experimantal with "One breath away". The sphereful tracks shows a new side from Billy Idol which fits very well.

A song that reminds to the good ol' times is "Postcards from the past". I think that "Rebel yell" was the blueprint for this song. At least a lot of elements incl. Stevens excellent solo reminds me the THE Idol anthem. I love the track.

The title track is an acoustic song. It is basically the guitar and Billy Idols voice that are the base for this tune. A beautiful retrospective on his musical career and an emotional highlight of the album. It continues with "Eyes wide shut"  and "Ghosts in my guitar" in a very soulful way. "Nothing to fear" is a slower tune too. The track is very rhythm based and has a cool groove. "Love and glory" sound a bit like U2 with Billy Idols vocals before the guys unleash the pure rock'n'roll spirit again. "Whiskey and pill" is the hardest song on the album. It's a pounding speed train that mercyless kicks you out of the album. This track rocks.

"Kings & queens of the underground" is an album packed with good rock songs. In my opinion there are too many 'silent' songs on the album, esp. in the second half of the album. More of the rocker would have been good. But beside this fact it is a highly entertaining rock record which is fun to listen to. I enjoyed it.





  1. Bitter pill
  2. Can't break me down
  3. Save me now
  4. One breath away
  5. Postcards from the past
  6. Kings & queens of the underground
  7. Eyes wide shut
  8. Ghosts in my guitar
  9. Nothing to fear
  10. Love and glory
  11. Whiskey and pills


Label: BFI Records

Genre: Rock

CD review BILLY IDOL "Kings & queens of the underground"

AVATARIUM video for "All I want"

Veröffentlicht am 10. Oktober 2014 von Markus W. in Avatarium, Doom Metal, Classic Rock, Rock, Heavy Metal, News, Video

Here comes "All I want" from Avatarium. The band from Sweden continues their success story that stared with their debut and some successful shows. Great music from great musicians. Thumbs up again.


"The duke" video from MONSTER MAGNET

Veröffentlicht am 10. Oktober 2014 von Markus W. in Monster Magnet, Rock, Classic Rock, Stoner Rock, Psychedelic Rock, Video, News

"The duke" is the new video from Monster Magnet. It is taken from the coming album "Milking the stars: a re-imagining of Last Patrol". Damn cool stuff.


RATED-X song - the new band with Joe Lynn Turner and Carmine Appice

Veröffentlicht am 10. Oktober 2014 von Markus W. in Rated-X, Hardrock, Blues, Rock, News, Video, Joe Lynn Turner, Carmine Appice

Here comes the first video from Rated-X. You haven't heard from the band before? It's Joe Lynn Tuner, Carmine Appice, Tony Franklin and Karl Cochran. A great line-up and a great song.


CD review EXODUS "Blood in blood out"

Veröffentlicht am 10. Oktober 2014 von Markus W. in Exodus, Metallica, Testament, Thrash Metal, Heavy Metal, Speed Metal, CD Review, News

(9/10) I can remember 1987 when I heard Exodus' "Pleasure of the flesh" for the first time. It was an album that blew me away. Of course it was the peak of the Bay Area thrash scene with bands like Metallica, Testament. Vio-lence... but Exodus had something extra already at that time. It was that raw energy that the band spread which was authentic and special.

Since then I'm following the band and have seen the good ("Pleasue of the flesh") and bad times (like "Force of habit"). However, it was great to see that the band had the awesome comeback in 2004 with "Tempo of the damned". That was really good metal stuff. 

One important factor for the successful Exodus records was Zetro Souza. It is the vocals of the guy which added so much to the Exodus sound. Not that Rob Dukes, who followed him as singer of the band, did a bad job on the other albums. I actually appreciate very much what he did so far with Generation Kill. But Zetro vocals fit so perfect to Exodus - it's just a match.

Therefore I was pretty happy that Zetro is back again at Exodus (hopefully still doing some more stuff with Hatriot too). But it is not only him. It is the entire line-up with Holt, Hunting, Gibson and Altus that delivered a masterpiece of thrash metal. Those guys really seem to fit together very well. They stand as one unit.

Now, let's have a look into "Blood in blood out". The title is an idea of Gary Holt. While watching the TV series "Gangland" the guitarist explained that he has seen similarities with the band. You're bleeding to get in and you're bleeding to get out. Of course not literally, but...

Compared to the more complex and epic 'Exhibit' albums the new strike is spot-on. The songs are straighforward and don't take any prisoners. The start into the album is a bit unusual. Exodus decided to begin with samples that sounds together with the joining guitars like from the "Judgement night" soundtrack. But this impression doesn't last long. The typical Exodus riff makes it clear - we are talking thrash metal.

The title track "Blood in blood out" continues this trip. The blazing fast song comes with a galloping rhythm and monstrous leads. 

Some songs are also to highlight when it comes to the lyrics. The fast "Collateral damage" is about the power of some people in executive suites and the fact that they steer/influence the life of the many. And the tune comes with a massive chorus too. Cool lyrics, cool sound. Another track with a very up-to-date topic is "Numb" - a song that broaches the issue of loosing empathy by being overwhelmed of death and murder on TV.

Next to Zetro Souza there are more 'former members that are back'. Kirk Hammett from Metallica joined Exodus for one song. The founding member on the six string had a guest appearance and contributed with a solo on "Salt in wound".

And last but not least it was Chuck Billy from Testament who has a guesst appearance too. He added some vocals (shouts) on the mighty "BTK". 

The bouncer is a reprise of all the before heard trademarks of the band. It's a fast and well-crafted song with some clever breaks along the way and slow, but mighty riff in the middle.

"Blood in, blood out" beacme the excellent thrash record I was hoping for. Good stuff. Go for it.





  1. Black 13
  2. Blood in blood out
  3. Collateral damage
  4. Salt the wound
  5. Body harvest
  6. BTK
  7. Wrapped in the arms of rage
  8. My last nerve
  9. Numb
  10. Honor killings
  11. Food for the worms


Label: Nuclear Balst

Genre: Thrash Metal





CD review EXODUS "Blood in blood out"

SAINT VITUS kicks off their European tour

Veröffentlicht am 10. Oktober 2014 von Markus W. in Saint Vitus, Orange Goblin, Doom Metal, Heavy Metal, News, Tour

SAINT VITUS kick off their extensive European tour in celebration of their 35th band anniversary today! To honour this grand occasion, the godfathers of American Doom Metal will perform all songs from the fan-favourite "Born Too Late", which was originally released in the year 1986 as part of their show peppered with a host of classic hits. SAINT VITUS will be joined by British doomsters ORANGE GOBLIN. This doomed roadtrip starts today in the beautiful Alsacian city of Colmar (FR) at Le Grillen and continues to rock Europe heavily until a final stop at the Hammer of Doom Festival in Würzburg, Germany on November 15th. You can find a complete list of dates below.

SAINT VITUS kicks off their European tour

CD review VEGA "Stereo messiah"

Veröffentlicht am 10. Oktober 2014 von Markus W. in Vega, Rock, Hardrock, Thunder, FM, CD Review, News

(8/10) Vega is a British rockband, formed in the summer 2009. The band consists out of Nick Workman (v), Tom Martin (b), Daniel Chantray (d), James Martin (key) and Marcus Thurston (g). Vega are playing melodic (hard-)rock in the tradition of bands like FM and Thunder.

"Stereo messiah" is the third album of the British band and comes with twelve melodic rock songs.

It is the title track that got the honor to open the album. It's a good dynamic beginning, but for me the record actually starts with the much stronger "All or nothing". This is a faster energizer with a very catchy chorus. The song sticks immediatley. The opening triple is completed by "Wherever we are" - a track that is a bit more average.

So, the beginning of "Stereo messiah" has a highlight and two good, more average, tunes. What about the rest? The faster songs like "Gonna need some love tonight" are the real rockers on the album. Straight-forward those tracks hit bull's eye. But also the very melodic "The fall" is an tune satisfying with a irresistable hookline.

Next to the self-written material the album features a song which Def Leppard frontman Joe Elliott gave to the band. He also took the opportunity to perform the track together with Nick Workman. The two voices are a perfect match and if you listen to the song you can hear the parallels to the leppards. And you might wish that we could hear those kind of tunes from Def Leppard as well again.

The recording of "Stereo messiah" took place in the Outhouse Studio's in Reading. John Mitchell and Harry Hess (matsering) did a really good job and gave the album a powerful sound that transforms the energy of the music very well.

Vega's third album became a dynamic and vital melodic rock record that shows that there is still a lot of life in this genre. It's not the innovation that is convincing. It is the dedicasion and the sense for great melodies.





  1. Stereo messiah
  2. All or nothing
  3. Wherever we are
  4. Ballad of the broken heart
  5. Gonna need some love tonight
  6. The fall
  7. Neon heart
  8. Witrh both hands
  9. 10x bigger than love
  10. My anarchy
  11. The wild, the weird, the wonderful
  12. Tears never die


Label: Frontiers

Genre: Hardrock


CD review VEGA "Stereo messiah"

CD review ALLEN/LANDE "The great divide"

Veröffentlicht am 9. Oktober 2014 von Markus W. in AllenLande, Jorn, Symphony X, Hardrock, Heavy Metal, CD Review, News

(8/10) What do you expect when you hear that there is a new album from Allen/Lande on its way? Exactly - classic metal with pathos and melodies. And this also what you get. Actually I could stop writing here and now, but that would be a bit too easy. There aren't that many things that changed from the last album. This is good news.

The Norwegian/US band/project releases in a constant way records on a high level. What started in 2005 with "The battle"  became a successful collaboration over time. Something that is new this time is the fact that the two extraordinary singers are working together with former Startovarius member Timo Tolkki. Looking back on the latest creative outputs of the Finish guitarist I had my doubts about the new Allen/Lande record. But after listening to "The great divide" those have been swiped away.

Allen/Lande's newest record is a logical continunation of the"The showdown" from 2010. The guys are focussing on their trademarks, which are melodic metal anthems with heavy guitars, spacious keyboard arrangements and amazing hooklines. Those are reflected in songs like the opener "Come dream with me" and "Dream about tomorrow" very well. Esp. the last mentioned one shows some bigger parallels to the mighty Ronnie James Dio. Not unexpected, but always nice to listen to.

Another highlight for me is the five minutes long "Lady of winter". It is a slow pounding tune with an epical approach. The way the song is build-up, incl. the piano parts, remind to Savatage - at least I had to think about them when I heard the song the first time. "The hymn to the fallen" shows the two guys from a more Whitesnake-like side. Also a melodic metal track per excellence with a harmonic verse and a catchy chorus. The song is a real hymn, not only due to the title.

Last but not least to mention the title track. "The great divide" is a slow and sphereful song. It is from the pace almost doom with a Sabbath-riff.

The other songs can easily keep the same high level. "The great divide" is another really cool album from the two well-known singers. And it is after all the downers from Tolkki finally an album that shows that he can do better than what we have heard from him.

Fans from the former Allen/Lande records will also love this one.





  1. Come dream with me
  2. Down from the mountain
  3. In the hands of time
  4. Solid ground
  5. Lady of winter
  6. Dream about tomorrow
  7. Hymn to the fallen
  8. The great divide
  9. Reaching for the stars
  10. Bittersweet


Label: Frontiers

Genre: Melodic Metal

CD review ALLEN/LANDE "The great divide"

CD review WHITE EMPRESS "Rise of the empress"

Veröffentlicht am 8. Oktober 2014 von Markus W. in Whire Empress, Black Metal, Death Metal, Heavy Metal, CD Review, News, Dimmu Borgir, Cradle Of Filth, Nightbringer, 1349

(5/10) OK. That Paul Allender left the British death metal band Cradle Of Filth is known and nothing new. That he started his own band/project called White Empress is also known. What is new is the fact that we know since a few days how the band sounds since the debut "Rise of the empress" is available.

The guitarist from Colchester, Essex, started White Empress in 2013. The first thing that I noticed was of course the cover. It looks like the promotion of a Walt Disney x-mas movie and after seeing it I was even more curious about the music. After having heard the first songs I got into a state of disillusion.

The album "Rise of the mpress" starts quite OK with an instrumental. It is a dramatic one that would also work perfectly on a soundtrack for a movie. Expressionism meets heavy metal. 

But what comes next is not what gets me excited. It's a mix of metal the Cradle Of Filth style combined with some Rammstein-like keyboard samples. The vocals are the same ol' story from clean female ones (from Melissa Ferlaak) merged with growls and shouts. This what we have heard already many times before and mostly also better than what you get from White Empress. 

What I also miss with the album is a clear structure in the songs. All the tunes are heavy, no doubt. But there is too much going on. Less would have been more. There are the fast black/death metal parts, the cineastic orchestration, sometimes there are also industrial elements included, there are the mentioned female vocals and the growls. All those pieces have been put together in a way that the result sounds unfinished and chaotic.

This album is not made for my ears. There are better releases this month like 1349 and Nightbringer. And there are still alternatives like Dimmu Borgir and Cradle Of Filth. Sorry Paul. Maybe next time.





  1. Rise of the empress
  2. The congregation
  3. A prisoner unleashed
  4. Darkness encroaching
  5. Sven's tower
  6. Erased and rewritten
  7. The ecstatic and the sorrow
  8. Dethroned
  9. Obsession with the empress (Human to divine)
  10. Our to burn


Label: Peaceville

Genre: Black Metal

CD review WHITE EMPRESS "Rise of the empress"

KREATOR tour trailer

Veröffentlicht am 7. Oktober 2014 von Markus W. in Kreator, Vader, Arch Enemey, Sodom, Thrash Metal, Death Metal, News, Tour

The trashers from Kreator have released a new trailer for the coming tour with Arch Enemey, Sodom and Vader. Here it is:

And here are the dates:

KREATOR tour trailer
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