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CD review HIGH SPIRITS "You are here"

Veröffentlicht am 24. April 2014 von Markus W. in High Spirits, Hardrock, Heavy Metal, CD Review, News

(8/10) After a few demos High Spirits released their debut in 2011. The record was called "Another night" and was perceived very positive. 

But let's start from the beginning. High Spirits is the project of Chris Black, who is known from bands like Pharao and Dawnbringer. Based on a crazy idea Black started to work on a few songs years ago. The result ended in the earlier mentioned demos, which have found quite some friends in the underground.

After a single and the debut album the guy from Chicago worked on the second full-length disc, which got the title "You are here"

The first thing with this album is the cover, which looks like a part of the map from the Tube in London. It also could be misleading since it looks more like a record from a New Wave band. But High Spirits is definitely something else than this.

The first time I heard the album I had a bit of mixed feelings. In one or another way I liked what I heard, but it didn't really lit the spark. Now, after having listened to the album a few times, I have to say that it has it's moments. High Spirits is insprired by 70's hardrock bands like the early Scorpions and UFO. This comes back in many songs. "Reminding you of me" and "High spirits" are good examples herefore. But High Spirit also includes element of bands from the early days of the NWoBHM. Just listen to the grooving "The last night" or the fast "I will run" with it's parallels to the early Maiden. Another fave of mine is actually "Gone to pieces, which has the guitar sound of Head East's "If you knew me better". Not a very big surprise since also Head East has their homebase in Illinois. 

The extra benefit of the record is the fact that Black managed to create a real good vibe with his songs. It's easy listening stuff which get you into a good mood in no time.

All in all I have to say, that I started to really like this album. It might takes a while, but it's worth to give it a few rounds on the record player. For everybody who like the mentioned bands - check it out.





  1. When the light go down
  2. I need you love
  3. One thousand nights
  4. Reminding you of me
  5. The last night
  6. Can you hear me
  7. Gone to pieces
  8. I will run
  9. High spirits


Label: High Roller Records

Genre: Hardrock

CD review HIGH SPIRITS "You are here"

CD review JUPITER SOCIETY "From endangered to extinction"

Veröffentlicht am 21. April 2014 von Markus W. in Jupiter Society, Krux, Candlemass, Avatarium, CD Review, News, Alternative Metal

(7/10) Haven’t heard about the Jupiter Society yet? Me too. But this will change with this review. 

The band/project was founded in 2008 in Stockholm, Sweden by Krux/Avatarium keyboarder Carl Westerholm. The project released already three full-length records from which „From endangered to extinction“ is the last one. 
The concept of Jupiter Society is about an imaginary story of the the last hours of humanity. It’s a story about the SciFi and the outer space.
What is interesting with Jupiter Society is the amount of well-known musician who are supporting Westholm with his project. Next to the keyboarder we have the fantastic Mats Leven, being responsible for the lead vocals in some of the songs. Marcus Jidell supports on the guitar and also Leif Edling himself played bass on one of the songs.
How about the music? The album contains six songs - all extraordinary long. Of course keyboards play an important part on this album. But that doesn’t mean at all that the songs aren’t heavy. Westholm uses the keys more to create an atmosphere and a sound pattern on which the guitars can shine. Already the opener „Enemy march“ creates a gloomy vibe. The female vocals fit perfect to this dynamic tune. The heaviest song on the album is probably „No survivors“. The theatric approach of this song let you dive into an apocalyptic end-time scenario. Highlight is the 13 minutes epos called „Defeat“. It’s a very complex masterpiece which is a melange of many different elements. Heavy guitar riff, meet fragile female vocals, meet nice keyboard melodies.
The whole album could be a metal soundtrack for an SciFi movie. Interesting soundscapes from an interesting project. Worth to check out.
Enemy march
Queen of armageddon
No survivors
Fight back
Genre: SciFi Metal


CD review JUPITER SOCIETY "From endangered to extinction"

CD review HOLY MOSES "Redefined mayhem"

Veröffentlicht am 20. April 2014 von Markus W. in Holy Moses, Thrash Metal, Heavy Metal, CD Review, News

(7/10) For me female fronted thrash metal has three vocal icons. One of the them is Angela Grassow who did a fantastic job at Arch Enemy. Another one is Dawn Crosby (RIP) from Detente and Fear Of God. And last but not least there is Sabina Classen from Holy Moses.

Classen and Holy Moses are now back with a new album. The name of the record is „Redefined mayhem“ and contains thirteen thrash metal anthems. The constant factor in the band is Classen. Her voice is definitely one of trademarks of the band.
Let's have a look into the songs. „Sacred sorrows“ has some Exodus parallels while songs like „Undead dogs“ could become a fave for Kreator fans. Pure thrash metal. „Into the dark“ is a slower track on the album. It has a very heavy riff and supports the lyrics about depressions perfectly. Music and lyrics speak the same language. Holy Moses was always a band who had a message with their songs. „Liars“ for example is based on a poem from Heine and is a statement for resistance against lies and hypocricy. Another remarkable tune is „Delusion“, which is a very groovy thrasher and stands out by the polyphonic chorus. A cool track which could become a standard for live shows.
The album was recorded  in Thomas Neitsch own studio and the bass player also produced the new album. The mix and mastering was done by the well known Tru Madsen in Denmark. Those guys did a good job and gave „Redefined mayhem“ an excellent thrash metal sound with a good punch.
Eventhough I have to admit that the new album doesn’t reach the band's classics like  „The new machine of Liechtenstein“ and „World chaos“, "Redefined mayhem“ became a good thrash metal album and fans of the band will like it.
  1. Hellhound
  2. Triggered
  3. Undead dogs
  4. Into the dark
  5. Sacred sorrows
  6. Process of projection
  7. Fading realities
  8. Liars
  9. Redemption of the shattered
  10. Whet the knife
  11. Delusion
  12. One step ahead of death
  13. This dirt
Label: SPV/Steamhammer
Genre: Thrash Metal 
CD review HOLY MOSES "Redefined mayhem"

CD review MEKONG DELTA "In a mirror darkly"

Veröffentlicht am 20. April 2014 von Markus W. in Mekong Delta, Prog Metal, Thrash Metal, Heavy Metal, CD Review, News

(8/10) A long time before Ghost discovered the fascination of masked and  ‚secret‘ band members German prog metal band Mekong Delta had already the same idea. I can remember 1987 when the band released their debut and it was the big myst who is actually behind the synonyms. Nobody really knew and a lot of speculations started. But one thing was for sure. The music was excellent. This progressive thrash metal, which merged technical capabilities with the sense for music and the rawness of thrash, was outstanding. Not only the debut is still one of my altime faves, but also „The music of Erich Zann“.

Now, 27 years later, we know who was actually in the first line-up and who is playing in the current band. But there is a continuity. That’s the outstanding music. Also on the new album Mekong Delta presents songs on a very high level. Herefore responsible is the constant factor in the band - Ralf Hubert. 
The new album „In a mirror darkly“ is a logical continuation from ‚Wanderer on the edge of time“. Not that it is a copy of the last release - it’s more a next step. The album starts with an instrumental. „Introduction + Overture  begins with an acoustic guitar before the song builds up and becomes a heavy rhythm based instrumental. „Inside the outside of the inside“ is another instrumental tune on the record. Interlaced arrangements characterize this track, which reminds with it’s heaviness to the old days of Mekong Delta. But also singer Martin LeMar got enough space to present his vocal range. This becomes obvious in a multilayer songs like „Janus“. „The silver in Gods eye“ is a slower track on the album. With its classical elements and the gloomy atmosphere the tune could be the musical accompaniment for a play. The contrast got the title „Hindsight bias“, which is one of the heaviest compositions on the record. It’s amazing how much you can put into a song. In general I have to say that „In a mirror darkly“ comes with a lot of complex arrangements. Even more surprising that most of the songs have also catchy melodies. Those assure that the tunes are not only for musicians, they are also for fans who don’t want more than enjoying the song itself.
„In a mirror darkly“ became the expected prog metal highlight. Fans of the band will love the album. Maybe it’s not music for everybody, since it demands time. And this is what many people miss. But if you invest time into this album you will discover the beauty of complexity and virtuality.



  1. Introduction
  2. Ouverture
  3. The armageddon machine
  4. The shiver in Gods eye
  5. Janus
  6. Inside the outside of the inside
  7. Hindsight bias
  8. Mutant Messiah


Label: Steamhammer/SPV

Genre: Prog Metal

CD review MEKONG DELTA "In a mirror darkly"

CD review ENTHRONED "Sovereigns"

Veröffentlicht am 19. April 2014 von Markus W. in Enthroned, Black Metal, Death Metal, CD Review, News

(8/10) This album is evil and mean. Belgian black metal band Enthroned created a dark piece of evil and destruction, which is facinating by many aspects. It's not only the pure blastbeat parts which makes this record really heavy. It's the riffs, the breaks and the emtional aspect. Like with the new Triptykon also Enthroned manages to create a soundscape which transports a lot of feelings - mainly anger and depair. It almost like the musical version of an apocalyptic drama.
After the dramatically intro the real opener hits you directly. A building-up guitar riff, drum beats and vocals. In this order the inferno takes it's beginning. Starting slow and gloomy the song develops to a fast black metal anthem. Some sound samples are the intro the the next tune. "Of feathers and flames" is a super fast track in which blastbeats are dominating. Not bad, but I like the slower moments more, since they are more heavy and more intensive. One of those tracks is "Lamb of invisible light". Mid speed with some spoken words and choral elements the song shows parallels with the old Celtic Frost. For me one of the best songs on the album. A simple, but powerful track is "Divine coagulation". It shows that black metal from time to time has the simplicity and energy of punk. A merciless rhythm pushes the song forward and with the more easy song structure the track has almost an hypnotising impact. The closer "Nerxiarxin mahathallah" is another tune out of the category fast and evil. More than four minutes of high pace black metal finalise the journey into darkness and evil. 
Enthroned delivered a solid black metal album which is maybe interesting for even a broader base of metalheads than pure Black Metal fans. Aural chaos with a structure.
  1. Anteloguium
  2. Sine qua non
  3. Of feathers and flames
  4. Lamb of invisible lights
  5. Of shrines and sovereigns
  6. The edge of agony
  7. Divine coagulation
  8. Baal al-Maut
  9. Nerxiarxin mahathallah
Label: Agonia Records
Genre: Black Metal 
CD review ENTHRONED "Sovereigns"

CD review ALIEN "Eternity"

Veröffentlicht am 18. April 2014 von Markus W. in Alien, AOR, Hardrock, Rock, News, CD Review

(7/10)  Alien plays AOR music which fits good inthe spring season. The band is from Sweden and had already earlier releases like their debut in 1989. True, that's a while ago, but with the new album they prove, that they still can rock.

After Alien reunited in 2010 they played a fesfestivals and released a single called "Ready to fly". After re-releasing the first two albums two years later the band deceided to record a new album. "Eternity" is the result of this effort.

Already the opener  "In love we trust" is a rocking tune which is the perfect soundtrack for ride with your convertable. Compared  to the opener "Unbroken" is even more rocking in the verse before the sugar sweet melodies are coming back in the refrain. The typical pattern for tracklist in this genre seems to be having a ballad at the forth position. That's also the case this time. "I believe" is the name of the tune and it is a typical AOR ballad. Good, but also heard a few times before. The pushing "What goes up" is for me the best track on the album. It reminded me a bit to the earlier Domain from Germany in some parts. This has mainly to do with the keyboard sections in the chorus. 

"Eternity" has everything which is needed for a good AOR album. It rocks, it has catchy melodies, it spreads a good vibe and it has a very good sound. The only thing which reduces the score is, that it is not surprising enough. Alien delivers a solid standard which is less sticky than other releases and makes fun to listen to. Not more, but also not less.





  1. In love we trust
  2. Unbroken
  3. Love will lead me home
  4. I believe
  5. Summer of love
  6. What goes up
  7. I'm a fighter
  8. Wildheart
  9. Liar liar
  10. Look at us know
  11. Burning heart
  12. In truth


Label:AOR Heaven

Genre: AOR 

CD review ALIEN "Eternity"

CD review EDGUY "Space police - defending the crown"

Veröffentlicht am 18. April 2014 von Markus W. in Edguy, CD Review, News, Heavy Metal, Power Metal

(9/10) Edguy is Tobi Sammet. I think the band couldn't exist without this man. And Sammet has the gift of almost unlimited energy and (self-) marketing. And he has the pleasure to work together with experienced and capable musicians which create the stage for the entertainer from Fulda, Germany.  This mix is an important factor behind the success of the passionated band. The story started in 1992 and lead to a debut album called "Savage poetry" in 1995. No easy times for a metal band since Grunge was on it's peak and metal bands  have searched for their identity. Edguy managed this in an excellent way and started their trip to success.
The next stop on this trip is their new record "Space police - defenders of the crown". It's the 11th album and another milestone for Edguy.
The first thing, which is remarkable is the cover of the from Sascha Paeth produced album. It's always surprising with what things the band/Sammet gets along with. I think that such a cover would have lead toa thunderstorm of  critics since it looks, let's say 'special'. But in one or another way it fits to the music of the five Germans.
"England" is Sammet 'declaration of love' for the country. Like in most of the tracks Sammet has always a waggish sense of humour, which is reflected in the lyrics. With "Rock me Amadeus" the album even contains a cover version of the Falco hit with the same name. That was rave, but it sounds good. "Aychim in hysteria" could have been also from Def Leppard - what a surprise while looking on the name. Than there also the power metal tunes like the opener "Sabre & torch". The song, with it's pure power, is a great energizer and a good choice for kicking off the album. But there are also 'party tracks' on the record. One example is the catchy "Love tyger". Compared to the heavy opener this tune is almost swinging and has an extraordinary hookline. I don't want to really say that, but it has a touch of Poison. And with "The eternal wayfarer", an almost 9 minutes long epos full if catchy melodies and powerful riffs, the band underlines that also the mighty Led Zeppelin are not totally unknown  in the Edguy camp.
Conclusion: "Space police - the defenders if the crown" became the expected awesome Edguy album. It strengthens the bands position in the German metal scene and let's hope that Sammet's flow of creative energy will continue.
  1. Sabre & torch
  2. Space police
  3. Defenders if the crown
  4. Love tyger
  5. The realms of Baba Yaga
  6. Rock me Amadeus
  7. Do me like a caveman
  8. Shadow eaters
  9. Alone in myself
  10. The eternal wayfarer
  11. England
  12. Aychim in hysteria
Label: Nuclear Blast
Genre: Heavy Metal 
CD review EDGUY "Space police - defending the crown"

CD review PET THE PREACHER "The cave & the sunlight"

Veröffentlicht am 18. April 2014 von Markus W. in Pet The Preacher, Stoner Rock, Space Rock, Doom Metal, Kyuss, Monster Magnet

(8/10) Pet The Preacher are probably not that much known so far. But this might change with their new album "The cave & the sunlight". Listening to the album makes you think that the desert is located Denmark. Why? The guys are from Copenhagen, Denmark and they play stoner rock in the best Kyuss way. 
Pet The Preacher combines very heavy doom riffs with a lot of melody and sing-along refrains. I would say that their roots are somewhere between Black Sabbath, Monster Magnet and the already mentioned Kyuss.
Very downtuned guitars meet a pumping bass and a powerful drumbeat. That's how it needs to be.
Looking into the songs I must say that I like the variety they offer on the album. There are for example the two very long tunes " What now" (more than seven minutes) and "The web" (almost nine minutes) which takes you on an exciting journey. Both songs have so many different elements, from heavy rocking parts to chilling spoken word elements, that time flies with these tracks. Very cool. 
Next to these two epical songs there are the straigh-forward rockers like "Let your dragon fly". It's the fastest track on the album which has the energy of an unstoppable locomotive. Other remarkable songs are the mid-tempo "Kamikaze night" and the space rock anthem "Fire baby". 
"The cave & the sunlight" is a cool record which I can strongly recommend. I think we will hear more from the band in the future.
  1. The cave
  2. Let your dragon fly
  3. Kamikaze night
  4. Remains
  5. Fire baby
  6. Marching earth part 1
  7. Marching earth part 2
  8. The pig & the haunted
  9. What now
  10. I'm not gonna
  11. The web
Label: Napalm Records
Genre: Stoner Rock
CD review PET THE PREACHER "The cave & the sunlight"

CD review SEBASTIAN BACH "Give 'em hell"

Veröffentlicht am 17. April 2014 von Markus W. in Sebastian Bach, Skid Row, Hardrock, Alternative Rock, CD Review, News

(7/10) Former Skid Row singer and Broadway artist Sebastian Bach has a new album out in the stores. It's Bach's third solo studio record and it was produced by Bob Marlette, who already worked with bands like Alice Cooper and Filter earlier. 
The musicians who have been supporting Bach on the album are well known names like Duff McKagan (b), Devin Bronson (g) and Bobby Jarzombek (d). With John 5 and Steve Stevens the singer could also get very experienced guest guitarists on board. So, good preconditions.
"Give 'em hell" became a hardrock album with quite some modern metal elements. It reminds to the Skid Row release "Subhuman race" from 1995 and the question is, if this is needed or not.
The album has really good songs, but also tunes I don't like at all. For me Bach's new release became interesting half way. I was already close to give up when the first tones of "Push away" hit me.
The first for songs on the record  are not the best ones in the history of the singer. While the opener "Hell iside my head" is partly OK, the first single "Temptation" is one of the weakest tracks the blond singer ever put on an album. This song doesn't kick-start rock'n'roll passion and I was tempted to stop here. But...
 ... , as said, the middle part has really strong tunes. "Push away" is the first really cool rocker on this album. Slow and gloomy the song builds up to a powerful rocker, which has some moments of Guns'n'Roses "November rain". "Dominator" reflects nomen et omen. This song dominates the album. It's a hard rocker with an energetic guitar riff and great vocals of Bach. It shows the range of his vocals and he reminded me in the end of the chorus a bit to Vince Neil. "Had enough" is a soulful ballad which stands out. Maybe a bit standard but a beautiful melody. Also the April Wine cover "Rock'n'roll is a vicious game" is a slower song. The harmonica gives this track a Southern Rock touch which fits good. Actually in the bridge a bit like the older Skid Row. I like the song. I just wonder why they haven't started with those tunes, but maybe I missed something while listening to the album several times.
The end of the album isn't bad, but the songs are again a bit more average compared to the before mentioned ones.
I guess that there will be always a comparision between Bach and Skid Row. I personally like Skid Row and their street rock approach a bit more. For me the modern metal parts are nothing Bach should focus on. There are other younger bands who can do this better. The middle part proves: Coppler stick to your last.
  1. Hell inside my head
  2. Harmony
  3. All my friends are dead
  4. Temptation
  5. Push away
  6. Dominator
  7. Had enough
  8. Gun to a knife fight
  9. Rock'n'roll is a vicious game
  10. Taking back tomorrow
  11. Disengaged
  12. Forget you
Label: Frontiers Records
Genre: Hardrock
CD review SEBASTIAN BACH "Give 'em hell"

CD review WINGER "Better days comin'"

Veröffentlicht am 17. April 2014 von Markus W. in Winger, Hardrock, Rock, CD Review, News

(8/10) I think that Winger unfortunately in Europe never got the attention they deserve. Actually they have been pretty successful in North America but the grunge wave came up in the 90's which lead to the situation that Winger got into problems and in the end disbanded.
But fortunately Winger came back in the new century. First with a tour a and 2006 with their album "IV".
Since they released their last album "Karma" already five years ago it's good news that a new record is in the pipeline. The name is "Better days comin'". The title is very promising since this album is again a good one - and if better days comin' it will be even more exciting in the future ;o)
The absolute highlight on the album is for me the furious and fast "Rat race". Tthe music reflects the title in a perfect way. It's a highspeed hardrock tune which is giving you a good shake - from the first to the last note.
The two openers "Midnight driver of a love machine" and "Queen Babylon" are also rocking tunes with a strong and powerful guitar sound. They are less fast than "Rat race", but cool grooving hardrockers.
With "Tin soldier" Winger also put a rather complex track on the album. From the song structure it has almost a prog characteristic. And with "Ever wonder" the album also has a beautiful ballad.
The record ends with "Be who you are, now" and "Out of this world", two relaxed and more reflecting tunes.
Kip Winger and his band released with "Better days comin'" another good record which states again, that the band is a relevant factor in this genre. Cool stuff for the spring.
  1. Midnight driver of a love machine
  2. Queen Babylon
  3. Rat race
  4. Better days comin'
  5. Tin soldier
  6. Ever wonder
  7. So long China
  8. Strom in me
  9. Be who you are, now
  10. Out of this world
Label: Frontiers Records
Genre: Hardrock
CD review WINGER "Better days comin'"

CD review SUNSTRIKE "Rock your world"

Veröffentlicht am 16. April 2014 von Markus W. in Sunstrike, Hardrock, News, CD Review

(9/10) To start with the conclusion isn't maybe a good thing, but I have to say that this album is great. I really like it since the very first round in the CD player.

SunStrike stands for awesome melodic hardrock. The band was formed in 2012 by Joachim Nordlund (g), Christian Hedgren (v) and drummer Johan Lindstedt. Joachim and Johan aren't new in the business since they are also playing in Astral Doors, the Swedish metal band. Also singer Christian could gather some experience with bands like Twilight Force.

The result of their work is the debut album called "Rock your world". The guys take a bit of Bon Jovi ("Power of the dreams" and "Roll the dice"), the early Europe ("Rock the world") and a bit od Treat during their "Dreamhunter" days. The beginning of "Fireball" reminds even to Pretty Maids "Red hot and heavy" before the keyboard starts and tweak the track into a hardrock anthem. In total the album contains 12 melodic hardrock songs which are all standing out. The songs sound fresh and spread a very positive vibe. Just listen to "Right track" and you know what I mean. Melodies and hooks are used in a way that makes the tunes really catchy, but never become too sugar sweet. The songs are still rocking. The album might loose a bit of power in the last third, but even those songs are better than a lot of things I have heard in the last month.

SunStrike are for me a big positive surprise and I can just recommend to give this album a chance. The soundtrack for sunny spring days.





  1. The power of dreams
  2. Rock the world
  3. Fireball
  4. Right track
  5. Roll the dice
  6. Rock it out
  7. Never let you go
  8. Higher
  9. Scream & shout
  10. Into the light
  11. Edge of life
  12. Heat of the night


Label: AOR Heaven

Genre: Hardrock

CD review SUNSTRIKE "Rock your world"

CD review PRONG "Ruining lives"

Veröffentlicht am 15. April 2014 von Markus W. in Prong, Thrash Metal, Alternative Metal, News, CD Review

(8/10) My first connection to Prong was in 1990. A friend of mine gave me an album called "beg to differ and advised me to try it out. So I did and I was impressed from what I heard. Esp. the title track I never got out of my head anymore. For that moment on I follow Prong and their releases - even in the less successful area end of the ninties.

Now, two years after they have released their latest album "Carved in stone" the band from New York is back with a nee record. "Ruining lives" has eleven groove metal tracks, which are definitely Prong. Hard metal riffs meet harmonies, rhythms and industrial coldness.

Songs like the opener "Turnover", but also tunes like "Remove, seperate self" and the title track are just grooving riff monsters as we are used to from the band. Actually five great tracks to start an album with. The second half of the album increases speed. The racing fast "Book of change" shows that Prong has also roots in hardcore, while "Chamber of thought" has more references to thrash metal. The screaming guitars in the solo part are just great.

There are also two songs, which I think are a bit more average and loose compared to the highlights of the album. "Self run riot" is one of them and the closer "Limitations and validations" is the other one. Those tunes don't really light the spark and I could have lived without those.

All in all "Ruining lives" became a strong Prong album, that continues where the band stopped with "Carved into stone". That's one thing. But Prong is a live band and if you have seen them earlier you know what I'm talking about. Check out the redord, but try to see them live. They are massive and it's an even better experience.





  1. Turnover
  2. The barriers
  3. Windows shut
  4. Remove, separate self
  5. Ruining lives
  6. Absence of light
  7. The book of change
  8. Self will run riot
  9. Come to realize
  10. Chamber of thought
  11. Limitation and validation


Label: Steamhammer/SPV

Genre: Groove Metal 

CD review PRONG "Ruining lives"

Live review AVATARIUM, Roadburn Festival, 013, Tilburg, 13.04.2014

Veröffentlicht am 15. April 2014 von Markus W. in Avatarium, Roadburn, Heavy Metal, Doom Metal, Live Review, News

What a highlight on a Sunday afternoon. After Swedish doom masters Candlemass already facinated the crowd on Friday night another great Swedish band found the way to Tilburg in Holland. Avatarium, the new group of Candlemass bass player Leif Edling, played their very first show outside Sweden. Unfortunately Edling couldn't play the show due to health issues. He was replaced, by Timat's Anders Iwers.

Enough formalities - how was the show? It was 17:30 in Tilburg when Avatarium entered the stage. As said already, it was the first time the band played outside of their home country Sweden and surprisingly the hall was only filled half. Own fault of everybody who missed the show. It was an excellent experience.


Live review AVATARIUM, Roadburn Festival, 013, Tilburg, 13.04.2014


I could imagine that the band was a bit nervous and probably they didn't know what to expect. This was recognizable in the humble way they entered the stage and to start directly with "Moonflower". Later on during the show it was also the announcements from Jennie-Ann which have been, in a likable way, a bit self-effacing. It was nice to see that with each song they played nervousness changed into excitement.
Since Avatarium has just one album released so far the setlist focussed of course on those tracks. Songs like "Pandora's egg" and the relaxed "Lady in the lamp" are great tunes. They sound awesome on the album, but Avatarium is also capable to play live in the same cool and intesive way. This has mainly to do with the vocals. Jennie-Ann is able to perform the songs live in the same great way as she sounds on the record. This voice is just a gift for heavy metal. A treat for eyes and ears.
But not to forget the rest of the band. Marcus Jidell's (Evergrey) heavy guitar riffs have been the perfect counterpart to the emotional, sometimes fragile, vocals. Carl Westholm (Krux and Jupiter Society) added with the keyboard a tight soundscape, while Lars Skoeld and Anders Iwers, both from Tiamat, build a strong rhythm foundation. Esp. Anders, who replaced band founder Leif Edling, did a really good job.
Thumbs up and hope to see them soon again. 
Live review AVATARIUM, Roadburn Festival, 013, Tilburg, 13.04.2014


  1. Moonhorse
  2. Bird of prey
  3. Boneflower
  4. Tides of telepathy
  5. Lady in the lamp
  6. Pandora's egg
  7. Avatarium


Location: Roadburn Festival, 013, Tilburg, The Netherlands

Date: 13.04.2014








Location: Roadburn Festival, 013, Tilburg, The Netherlands

Date: 13.04.2014

Live review AVATARIUM, Roadburn Festival, 013, Tilburg, 13.04.2014
Live review AVATARIUM, Roadburn Festival, 013, Tilburg, 13.04.2014
Live review AVATARIUM, Roadburn Festival, 013, Tilburg, 13.04.2014
Live review AVATARIUM, Roadburn Festival, 013, Tilburg, 13.04.2014
Live review AVATARIUM, Roadburn Festival, 013, Tilburg, 13.04.2014

Live review Y.O.B. and NEW KEEPERS OF THE WATER TOWERS, Roadburn Festival, 013, Tilburg, 13.04.2014

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YOB from Oregon are well known on the Roadburn. They played here already a couple of times earlier. Their music is a mix between doom metal, stoner rock and sludge. The contrast to the earlier performing Avatarium couldn't have been bigger. 
The show started and nothing happened really happened. Three musicians on the stage, silence in the audience and it stayed quite. Preperation for the things to come - even with some streching from guitarist Mike Scheidt.
YOB played 75 minutes long an intesive show. The sound was OK, eventhough they have played that much downtuned that it was probably a challenge for the man behind the mixing desk to give them a differetiated sound. Esp. the vocals have been very much in the back and disappered in the wall of guitar and bass. But it got better during their show. The audience obviously liked what they have heard and seen. The mainstage hall was filled pretty good; probably even more than during the show of Tom G. Warriors and his band. Good show, but for me a bit too much of noise.
A band which was actually very interesting too was  New Keepers Of The Water Towers. The band from Stockholm, Sweden played in the Green Room almost parallel to YOB. Their music is a mix of space rock, doom and stoner. They build quite atmospheric soundscapes with long instrumental parts. It felt almost like a kind of 'calm before the storm' before Triptykon rose an acoustical inferno. A good show, which I unfortunately couldn't attend all the time. At any case an interesting band. 
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Location: Roadburn Festival, 013, Tilburg, The Netherlands

Date: 13.04.2014

Live review Y.O.B. and NEW KEEPERS OF THE WATER TOWERS, Roadburn Festival, 013, Tilburg, 13.04.2014
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