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CD review AMON AMARTH "Deceiver of the gods"

Veröffentlicht am 20. Juni 2013 von mwie in Heavy Metal, Amon Amarth

They are back. Swedens melo-death institution Amon Amarth from Stockholm released their new albums "Deceiver of the gods". The question is, if it can compete with the former albums. And yes, it can. "Deceiver of the gods" is a real and strong successor of "Surtur rising". Actually it's even better.

Already the title track, as the opener of the album, is a killer. Your head will start immediately to bang. Johan Hegg's voice is again powerful like in all the 20 years before. Well done. The five vikings continue with songs like "As like falls", "Father of the wolf" and "Shape shiver". You can get addicted to them. I think they will become classics in the live repertoire of the band. Another highlight is the epic "Hel". Johann gets support by Messiah Marcolin (ex-Candlemass). What a combination in this heavy and dramatic song. But it's not fair to just mention some song, since all of them are great. The album is like a punsh into your face.

Andy Sneap gave the album a perfect sound which reminded me a little bit to Kreator. It got a small thrash touch which fits very good.

This album rocks and I'm looking forward to the coming tour with Carcass.



1. Deceiver of the gods

2. As loke falls

3. Father of the wolf

4. Shape shifer

5. Under siege

6. Blood eagle

7. We shall destroy

8. Hel

9. Coming of the tide

10. Warriors of the north

Label: Metal Blade

Genre: Death metal

Source: Metal Blade Records

Source: Metal Blade Records