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Pure Steel Records re-issues RAGE's "Execution Guaranteed" classic

Veröffentlicht am 20. April 2018 von Markus W. in Rage, Reissue, News, Heavy Metal, Teutonic Metal

Pure Steel Records re-issues RAGE's "Execution Guaranteed" classic

After Pure Steel Records already did the debut “Reign Of Fear” from ’86 now there’s also a vinyl reissue of the second album “Execution Guaranteed” by Power/Speed legends RAGE from Herne/Germany. Released as double pack with gatefold cover - including the remixed version (Tommy Hansen) on the first LP and the original 1987 mix (Andi Musolf) on the second disc - now there’s the possibility for everyone to pick his own favourite.

Starting with the hyper fast “Down By Law” Peavy and his horde take no prisoners and Speed Metal bangers will directly be reminded back to glory old times. With the groovy title track RAGE deliver a perfect anthem in a great mid-tempo, continued by also great songs: “Street Wolf” shows up a decent dark flair, “Deadly Error” starts with a beautiful acoustic intro and with “When You’re Dead” the quartet deliver a great up-tempo smasher to end up this record. During the whole album Peavy is screaming like a maniac and the rhythm section around Jörg Michael sometimes is “faster than hell”, like they sung back in AVENGER.

Now fans of the good old-fashioned Teutonic Speed Metal or people that want to nurse their Noise first pressing from now on have the only chance to buy after 31 years.



Side A

1. Down By Law

2. Execution Guaranteed

3. Before The Storm

4. Street Wolf

Side B

5. Deadly Error

6. Hatred

7. Grapes Of Wrath

8. Mental Deacy

9. When You're Dead

Side C

1. Down By Law (Original Mix)

2. Execution Guaranteed (Original Mix)

3. Before The Storm (Original Mix)

4. Street Wolf (Original Mix)

Side D

5. Deadly Error (Original Mix)

6. Hatred (Original Mix)

7. Grapes Of Wrath (Original Mix)

8. Mental Deacy (Original Mix)

9. When You're Dead (Original Mix)

Total Playing Time: 90:23 min



Peter "Peavy" Wagner – vocals, bass, acoustic guitars

Jochen Schröder – guitars

Rudy Graf – guitars

Jörg Michael – drums