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CD review JAMES CHRISTIAN "Craving"

Veröffentlicht am 19. April 2018 von Markus W. in James Christian, News, AOR, Rock, Hardrock, Frontiers Music, CD Review, House Of Lords, Craving

CD review JAMES CHRISTIAN "Craving"

(7/10) “Craving” is album number four of House Of Lords frontman James Christian. Eleven brand new songs direct the spotlight towards rocking AOR tracks; all build on big melodies and a solid portion of catchiness.

The epicenter of “Craving” is, what a surprise, Mr. Christian and his excellent vocals. The songwriter and singer is in fine voice, which benefits the songs, a lot.

Next to the vocals it’s keyboards that are omnipresent, providing the arcs of melody AOR needs. The good thing is, that these catchy moments never became too sweet and sticky. The songs have mostly some rocking guitar parts weaved in. “Heaven is a Place in Hell” brings this up to surface quite well and also the rocking “Sidewinder” shows enough rock’n’roll spirit to lift the album from standard to good.

For the rest it’s not that much new to report when it comes to “Craving”. If you’re a fan of House Of Lords, Survivor and Hardline, you will like this album too since it contains well-crafted rock music that never really leaves save ground. “Craving” is done by an mature singer and songwriter who continues walking on a chosen musical path. It’s still good music though, just a bit predictable.





  1. Heaven Is a Place in Hell
  2. Wild Boys
  3. Craving
  4. Jesus Wept
  5. World Of Possibility
  6. Sidewinder
  7. I won’t Cry
  8. If There’s a God
  9. Love Is the Answer
  10. Black Wasn’t Black
  11. Amen


Label: Frontiers Music

Genre: Hardrock

Release Date EU: April 20th, 2018