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CD review ORDER TO RUIN „Return to Ceyrior VII“

Veröffentlicht am 12. Januar 2018 von Markus W. in Order To Ruin, CD Review, News, Death Metal, Melodic Death Metal, Reurn to Ceyrior VII, Thrash Metal

CD review ORDER TO RUIN „Return to Ceyrior VII“

(7/10) Ooops. Is Münster a part of Gothenburg. Of course not, but there‘s for sure a link when it comes to metal. Münster-based death metal outfit Order To Ruin could be definitely from Swdens second biggest city. Listening to there new album „Return to Ceyrior VII“ clearly shows where the inspiration comes from.

The guys are no rookies. Their discography includes six longplayers the guys released over the last seven years and Order To Ruin is restless, with the next record in the starting blocks. As mentioned, „Return to Ceyrior VII“ is the title of the new disc, an album that features eight new tunes and an intro. 

As expected it‘s the intro the kicks off the album. „World Eater“ has the outerspace vibe with some distorted spoken words and some keyboard sounds. With „The Stromlake‘s Tale“ the album has its real start and it clearly shows that Order To Ruin knows what they are doing. These guys fire on all cylinders. Aggressive guitar power, melodic riffs and vocals, somewhere between growls and shouts, remind of the earlier In Flames. 

This album also reflects a band that gained enough songwriting capabilities over time to write songs that are harsh and still entertaining. Without using a cookie-cutter approach the band adds a good level of variation to their tunes which keeps the level of suspense quite high.

A real highlight on this record is entitled „Alone With My Knife“. It‘s a raging metal songs with a very well-done break, leading to a brutal riff in the middle section. Good work, something that also goes for the title track.

„Return to Ceyrior VII“ is a longplayer that makes you wonder why it‘s done as a self-release. These guys deserve a label, the sooner the better. However, I can recommend Order To Ruin and I want to encourage each of you to check out this album. 





  1. World Eater
  2. The Stormlake‘s Tale
  3. Dating Lucifer
  4. Mary-Jane
  5. Return to Ceyrior VII
  6. Alone With My Knife
  7. Into the Devil‘s Mansion
  8. The Conjurer
  9. The Bearing of Time


Label: Self-released

Genre: Melodic Death Metal

Release Date EU: February 10th, 2018