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CD review WHITE WIZZARD "Infernal Overdrive"

Veröffentlicht am 5. Januar 2018 von Markus W. in White Wizzard, Infernal Overdrive, News, Heavy Metal, NWoBHM, Power Metal, US Metal, M-Theory, CD Review

CD review WHITE WIZZARD "Infernal Overdrive"
(8/10) White Wizzard from California debut in 2010 with "Over the Top". Two  more longplayers followed and it was in early 2017 when White Wizzard mainman Jon Leon announced a new album. "Infernal Overdrive" also stand for the return of no less than frontman Wyatt Anderson and guitarist James J. LaRue, both being White Wizzard veterans from the early days of this metal powerhouse.

It’s a fulminant drum beat that kicks-off the album, followed by a powerful riff, all introducing the opener “Infernal Overdrive”. One of the biggest assets of White Wizzard is the mentioned return of singer Wyatt Anderson. The moniker ‘Screaming Demon’ says it all. This man is a metal siren in the best meaning of the word, enriching each of the nine songs that made it on the album.

Next to the frontman it’s the melodic guitar leads that give the album its liveliness. Reminding of bands like Iron Maiden the four-piece band also shows some US metal roots, all leading to a surprisingly good metal record.

The quartet keeps some songs short and crispy with other tracks reaching an epic length. The masterpiece in this context comes at the end and is entitled “The Illusion’s Tears”. Eleven minutes of length show the entire capabilities of this US powerhouse. Starting calm and melodic it’s again Anderson’s voice that plays a crucial role. As not expected different the song slowly builds up. It takes quite a while till the closer breaks the pattern of melody and harmony. It’s the last two minutes that mark an outburst, again with some Maiden-references in the guitar melodies.

White Wizzard sound good when being spot-on, but it’s the longer tracks being the real treat that comes with this longplayer. Tunes like “Voyage of the Wolf Raiders” and the furious “Critical Mass” include everything traditional metal is asking for.

In case you’re looking for high-pitch screams, great vocal lines, crispy riffs and a pounding rhythm you should give “Infernal Overdrive” a fair chance. You will not be disappointed.





  1. Infernal Overdrive
  2. Storm the Shores
  3. Pretty Nay
  4. Chasing Dragons
  5. Votage of the Wolf Raiders
  6. Critical Mass
  7. Cocoon
  8. Metamorphosis
  9. The Illusion’s Tears


Label: M-Theory Audio

Genre: Heavy Metal

Release Date EU: January 12th, 2018