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CD review BETONTOD "1000x Live"

Veröffentlicht am 30. November 2017 von Markus W. in Betontod, Nuclear Blast, Punkrock, Punk, Rock, Live, 1000x Live

CD review BETONTOD "1000x Live"

(*/10) It was almost a year ago when German punk rock outfit Betontod celebrated their 1000th live show at Mitsubishi Electric Hall in Düsseldorf. The concert could be seen as a home game for the band hailing from Rheinberg. In front of 3,500 enthusiastic fans the band faced the biggest concert to date. In total 23 songs have been played, bridging the early days (“Freiheit in Ketten”) and the newest release (“Kuess Mich”).

“1000x Live” includes excellent punk rock with German lyrics. Betontod has already some live releases as being part of their discography with this one representing Betontod creative achievements in the most holistic way. In case you missed out on the band till now it’s this release that provides you with a comprehensive overview in an energetic live setup. Good songs, good sound, good energy, good release and all authentic – what else could you ask for?





1. Intro

2. Keine Popsongs!

3. Fluegel aus Stahl

4. Kuess mich

5. Nacht im Ghetto

6. Generation X

7. Alles

8. Schwarzes Blut

9. Feuer frei

10. Nebel

11. 7 Schuss

12. Mein letzter Tag

13. Freiheit in Ketten

14. Kinder des Zorns

15. Dagegenstehen

16. Ihr koennt mich

17. Halt mich

18. Traum von Freiheit

19. Glueck auf

20. Ich nehme dich mit

21. Freunde

22. Viva Punk!

23. Im Himmel


Label: Arise Empire / Nuclear Blast

Genre: Punk Rock

Release Date EU: November 24th, 2017