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Veröffentlicht am 25. Oktober 2017 von Markus W. in Peaceville Records, Heavy Metal, Death Metal, Black Metal, Extreme Metal, Doom Metal, Label, News

Photos: Peaceville Records
Photos: Peaceville Records

Photos: Peaceville Records

Time for a metallic birthday this year. Legendary Peaceville Records will celebrate their 30th anniversary. The label had an enormous impact on (extreme) metal, giving bands like Paradise Lost, Anathema, Katatonia and more a first platform, making their music accessible for a wider group of metal heads.

To celebrate Peaceville Records anniversary many releases will be available for special price. Here’s the list:

  • Bloodbath; The Fathomless Mastery
  • Autopsy; The Headless Ritual
  • Behemoth;S atanica
  • Candlemass; Nightfall
  • Darkthrone; Arctic Thunder
  • Katatonia; The Fall Of Hearts
  • My Dying Bride; Feel The Misery
  • Pentagram; Relentless
  • Opeth; The Roundhouse Tapes
  • Paradise Lost; Gothic
  • Anathema; Alternative 4
  • Autopsy; Skull Grinder
  • Autopsy; Tourniquets,Hacksaws And Graves
  • Behemoth; Abyssus Abyssum Invocat
  • Behemoth; Zos Kia Cultus
  • Candlemass; Ancient Dreams
  • Candlemass; Epicus Doomicus Metallicus
  • Darkthrone; Blaze In(20th Anniversary)
  • Darkthrone; Sardonic Wrath
  • Darkthrone; Soulside Journey(Ann.Ed.)
  • Enslaved; Yggdrasill
  • Katatonia; Brave Murder Day
  • Katatonia; Night Is The New Day(Tour Ed)
  • Katatonia; Tonights Decision
  • Khold; Til Endes
  • Mayhem; Live In Leipzig
  • My Dying Bride; Evinta
  • My Dying Bride; Turn Loose The(Reissue)
  • My Dying Bride; Vaulted Shadows(EP-Coll.)
  • Novembre; Ursa
  • Paradise Lost; Lost Paradise
  • Pentagram; Day Of Reckoning
  • Akercocke; The Goat Of Mendes
  • Autopsy; Severed Survival
  • Behemoth; Demigod(Deluxe)
  • Behemoth; The Apostasy
  • Bloodbath; Bloodbath Over Bloodstock
  • Sikth; Death Of A Dead Day
  • Anathema; Serenades
  • Pentagram; Curious Volume
  • Darkthrone; Transilvanian Hunger
  • Darkthrone; Underground Resistance
  • Mayhem; Live In Leipzig
  • Pentagram; Curious Volume
  • Bloodbath; Bloodbath Over Bloodstock
  • Mayhem; Live In Zeitz
  • Mayhem; Mediolanum Capta Est(Ltd.)
  • My Dying Bride; Angel&The Dark River
  • My Dying Bride; As The Flower Withers
  • Autopsy; Headless Ritual(Ltd.)
  • Darkthrone; A Blaze In The Northern Sky
  • Darkthrone; Under A Funeral Moon
  • Autopsy; Mental Funeral(Ltd.)
  • Candlemass; Nightfall
  • T.O.M.B.; Fury Nocturnus
Photo: Peaceville Records

Photo: Peaceville Records