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CD review KLOGR "Keystone"

Veröffentlicht am 29. September 2017 von Markus W. in Klogr, Alternative Metal, Alternative Rock, Modern Metal, Modern Rock, Zeta Factory

CD review KLOGR "Keystone"

(7/10) The first time I heard of Klogr was a few years back in time when the guys supported the mighty Prong on one of their European tour. The guys did a very good job, meaning their performance was very much appreciated by the crowd that actually came for the headliner. Since I guess that the show in Haarlem wasn’t an exception the guys could make some new friends on the entire tour.


After some touring Klogr went back to the studio for recording their newest album “Keystone”.  It’s the third longplayer of this Italian-American rock outfit and it shows the band more mature and powerful. The new record feature twelve songs, all standing for well-done alternative metal that’s inspired by bands such as Alter Bridge and some post-grunge bands. But also some thrash roots are part of Klogr’s sound.


The quartet can play hard and heavy which they prove with songs like “Technocracy” and also “Enigmatic Smile” fires on all cylinders. I must say the more often I hear these songs I have to thing of German Undertow. However, this goes more for the harder ones while the album also comes with calmer tones, at least partly. “Dark Tides” is an intense song that has some silent notes embedded before the song shifts gears in the chorus, all of this introduced by a short interlude called “Sirens Song”.


“Keystone” is definitely a strong pillar for Klogr, which will hopefully help the quartet to enlarge their fan base. The album is worth it to spend some time with.









  1. Sleeping Through the Seasons
  2. Prison of Light
  3. Technocracy
  4. The Echoes of Sin
  5. Pride before the Fall
  6. Something’s in the Air
  7. Drag You Back
  8. Sirens’ Song
  9. Dark Tides
  10. Silent Witness
  11. Enigmatic Smile
  12. The Wall of Illusion




Label: Zeta Factory


Genre: Alternative Metal


Release Date EU: October 6th, 2017