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May 16, 2010 was more than a sad day for fans of rock and metal music. One of the most influential singers and musicians, Ronnie James Dio, lost his fight against cancer. This was, and still is up to date, a big loss since he enriched so many great metal records with his unique and powerful voice.

Seven and a half years later Dio returns on stage, this time done by a hologram production. Next to the hologram of the iconic frontman it will be his former band mates that will be on stage in person. Simon Wright (d), Craig Goldy (g), Bjorn Englen (b), Scott Warren (key) and Tim ‘Ripper’ Owens will be part of a world tour that will start on November 30 in Finland and will come to an end in spring 2018.

One of the shows will take place in The Netherlands; in Tilburg to be precise. Sharp before Christmas, on Dec 20, it’s the 013 that will host one of these unique shows. Tickets are on sale already and can be orderer HERE. This show is an excellent pre-Christmas gift for all fans of metal music.

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