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CD/DVD review IN EXTREMO "40 wahre Lieder"

Veröffentlicht am 1. September 2017 von Markus W. in In Extremo, News, CD Review, DVD Review, Live, Rock, Hardrock, Mediaval Rock, Folk, Dark Rock

CD/DVD review IN EXTREMO "40 wahre Lieder"

(8/10) German mediaeval rockers In Extremo are a quite productive rock outfit with some releases spread out over the last years. The band started their winning streak back in 1995 and belongs to the spearhead of this genre. Twelve longplayers represent an impressive discography with some of them getting in pole position of German longplayer charts.


This year it’s not a new studio album that hits the record stores. The band wants to offer something special to their loyal fan base with a release that covers the entire 22 years of the exciting band history. Under the banner of „40 wahre Lieder“ ('40 real/true songs') In Extremo releases a double-CD that includes songs from the early days as well as it features recent highlights such as „Störtebeker“ and „Sternhagelvoll“. „40 wahre Lieder“ is a comprehensive overview of what In Extremo stands for and it documents a quite unique musical evolvement that began on some mediaeval markets and grew to one of the most influential bands in German rock music.


Next to the CD, the package also includes three DVD’s, providing footage of spectacular live shows. Next to both shows, celebrating the twenty years anniversary at Loreley, Germany, fans can also enjoy an acoustic set that took place on a boat on the Rhine River. In total we’re talking about 59 live songs, all in 5.1-surroundsound. And if this would not be already enough, there are additional extras that come with this package. It’s an exclusive documentary “Verehrt und angespien” from 2016, done by German TV station WDR, that’s providing background information of band and songs, plus there’s a booklet included with many photos that haven’t been published earlier.


“40 wahre Lieder” is a worthy retrospective on 22 years of In Extremo, a release that’s a perfect entry point for new fans as well as it’s a well-done throwback for supporters from the very beginning.









  1. Neunerle
  2. Villeman Og Magnhild
  3. Hiemali Tempore
  4. Ai Vis Lo Lop
  5. Spielmannsfluch
  6. Herr Mannelig
  7. Merseburger Zaubersprüche II
  8. Vollmond
  9. Die Gier
  10. Omnia Sol Temperat
  11. Wind
  12. Küss mich
  13. Erdbeermund
  14. Davert-Tanz
  15. Albtraum
  16. Rasend Herz
  17. Horizont
  18. Liam (feat. Rea Garvey)
  19. Singapur
  20. Nur ihr Allein



  1. Sängerkrieg
  2. Frei zu sein
  3. Flaschenpost
  4. Sieben Köche
  5. En Esta Noche
  6. Zigeunerskat
  7. Viva La Vida
  8. Siehst Du das Licht
  9. Unsichtbar (feat. Mille Petrozza)
  10. Sterneneisen
  11. Feuertaufe
  12. Alles schon gesehen
  13. Himmel und Hölle
  14. Gaukler
  15. Belladonna
  16. Loreley
  17. Störtebeker
  18. Quid Pro Quo
  19. Lieb Vaterland, magst ruhig sein
  20. Sternhagelvoll




Warmup / Boat show / Thursday, 03.09.2015:

  1. Siehst du das Licht
  2. Lebensbeichte
  3. Nur ihr allein
  4. In diesem Licht
  5. Frei zu sein
  6. Küss mich
  7. Gaukler
  8. Feuertaufe



Day 1 / The 1st 10 Years / Friday, 04.09.2015

  1. Intro – Two Søstra
  2. Erdbeermund
  3. Frei zu Sein
  4. Stetit Puella
  5. Krummavisur
  6. Herr Mannelig
  7. Nymphenzeit
  8. Loreley
  9. Vollmond
  10. Die Gier
  11. Wind
  12. Vänner och Frände
  13. Werd ich am Glagen hochgezogen
  14. Hafensolo – Miss Gordon of Gight
  15. Ave Maria
  16. Hiemalti Tempore
  17. Kuess mich
  18. Rotes Har
  19. Omnia Sol Temperat
  20. Spielmannsfluch
  21. Albtraum
  22. Al Vis Lo Lop
  23. Merseburger Zaubersprüche II
  24. Liam
  25. Villemann og Magnhild



Day 2 / The last 10 Years / Saturday, 05.09.2015

  1. Intro
  2. Sängerkrieg
  3. in diesem Licht
  4. Zigeunerskat
  5. En Esta Noche
  6. Wesserbronner Gebet
  7. Nur ihr allein
  8. Himmel & Hölle
  9. Belladonna
  10. Hafensolo – Ecce Rex Darius
  11. Gaukler
  12. Unsichtbar
  13. Flaschenpost
  14. Frei zu sein
  15. Feuertaufe
  16. Alles schon gesehen
  17. Loreley
  18. Viva La Vida
  19. Sieben Köche
  20. Auf’s Leben
  21. Siehst du das Licht
  22. Sternenreisen
  23. Mein resend Herz
  24. Vollmond




Label: Vertigo Berlin (Universal Music)


Genre: Mediaeval Rock


Release Date EU: September 15th, 2017

Photo: Christian Thiele (Promo)

Photo: Christian Thiele (Promo)