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CD review PRONG "Zero Days"

Veröffentlicht am 4. Juli 2017 von Markus W. in Prong, SPV, Steamhammer, Crossover, Thrash Metal, Hardcore, News, CD Review, Groove Metal, Heavy Metal, Punk, Alternative Metal

CD review PRONG "Zero Days"

(8/10) After having had a first career high in the beginning of the 90's its New York-based powerhouse Prong who had a fantastic comeback in the 2010 years, starting actually with "Scorpio Rising" and the following "Power of the Damager" album in 2007. These two longplayer brought Tommy Victor and band back in business and it was "Carved Into Stone" that re-established the power outfit.

The newest sonic assault from New York is called "Zero Days" and as with the predecessors also this record is full of typical Prong songs, combining metal, riffs, groove and hardcore to an intensive experience for fans. As with the earlier longplayers also the newest one doesn't take prisoners. Victor, Kirkland and Parsons placed 13 songs on this album and each of them is an uncompromising harsh and loud piece of music.

"Zero Days" features brute and forceful songs. The opener "However it May End" with its mighty riffs, but also "Forced Into Tolerance" are merciless metal tracks, showing the band in an excellent shape and form. It feels like this line-up grew together over the last years, becoming a tight performing unit. These three guys perform like smoothly working cogwheels, keeping this intense metal machine up and running at its best.

What distinguishes the trio is the amount of shades they add to their sound. Songs like "Divide and Conquer", with all its embedded aggressiveness, still includes melodic parts that adds excitement. Another tune, coming with similar pattern, is "The Whispers". This track could be a melodic left over of the "Snap Your Fingers..." days, at least in parts.

To sum up: "Zero Days" will be very welcomed by Prong fans. It's an album that comes with all trademarks you know from Tommy Victor and Co.. Bold riffing, a intense groove and a well-done balance of melody and heaviness is what Prong is about and what the new album covers in a perfect fashion. Good stuff for your ears.





  1. However it May End
  2. Zero Days
  3. Off the Grid
  4. Divide and Conquer
  5. Forced Into Tolerance
  6. Interbeing
  7. Blood Out of Stone
  8. Operation of the Moral Law
  9. The Whispers
  10. Self Righteous Indignation
  11. Rules of the Collective
  12. Compulsion Future Projection
  13. Wasting of the Dawn
  14. Reasons to be Fearful


Label: SPV/Steamhammer

Genre: Groove Metal

Release Date EU: July 28th, 2017