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Veröffentlicht am 27. Mai 2017 von Markus W. in Onglorious, News, CD Review, Frontiers, Hardrock, Rock, Classic Rock

(8/10) These five guys share a common passion for classic rock. Bands like Deep Purple, Rainbow and Whitesnake are present more than ones with some cross-references on Inglorious' new album. The debut, which was released in 2016, made it already very obvious and also the new longplayer, simply entitled “II”, doesn’t change the pattern - classic rock rules when it comes to this quintet.

A big win for Inglorious is their singer Nathan James whose voice seems to be just made for classic rock and the fact that James  sung in the past for Trans-Siberian Orchestra and Uli Roth makes the vocalist also to an experienced player in this fairly new rock outfit. It just feels like the right guys found each other and even the geographical distance between London and Malmo (where guitarist Andreas Eriksson has his home base) couldn’t stop the band from writing and recording twelve songs with a positive rocking vibe and a good groove.

Talking about the vibe, “II” sounds very organic. It comes with an excellent sound without things being overdone. It’s just right, including a certain live feeling whch makes things very authentic.

Classic rock goes though a revival at the moment. There are many new bands coming up, being inspired by the 70’ s and on the other hand the dinosaurs are around too; thinking about Deep Purple’s latest output which is at least as good as some of the earlier records. However, Inglorious manages to create enough excitement with their music to stick out from the broad offer. I guess what makes the difference is the commitment and dedication these guys share when it comes to Inglorious. It feels like a unit performing these tunes in a tight and energetic way. Sometimes, like with “No Good for You”, Inglorious might stick a bit too close to their idols, Whitesnake in this case, but there is still enough of an independent existence embedded, making Inglorious to more than just a copycat.

Inglorious doesn’t get an award for the most innovative band, but that’s also not what “II” is about. This album is an enjoyable piece of music that will please fans of contemporary classic rock. Summertime music.





  1. I Don't Need Your Loving
  2. Taking The Blame
  3. Tell Me Why
  4. Read All About It
  5. Change Is Coming
  6. Making Me Pay
  7. Hell or High Water
  8. No Good for You
  9. I Got a Feeling. Black Magic
  10. Faraway
  11. High Class Woman


Label: Frontiers Music

Genre: Hardrock

Release Date EU: May 12th, 2017