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Veröffentlicht am 15. Mai 2017 von Markus W. in Hell Or Highwater, Modern Metal, Modern Rock, Alternative Rock, News, Spinefarm, Rock, CD Review

(6/10) Hell Or Highwater is  side project of Atreyu drummer/singer Brandon Saller. The first release is from 2011 followed by an EP entitled "The Other Side". The sophomore record "Vista" will is in the starting blocks as we speak, a longplayer that comes with twelve songs

This album feels a bit like 'come hell or high water'. There's basically nothing wrong with this release. The songs benefit from a proper production and the artwork doesn't give any reason for complaints either. It's more the songs on this album that come without real ups and downs. There are no downers on this longplayer but the search for smashers stays unsuccessful too. "Vista" has something of a river with a constant flow that carried some energy without bursting out of the riverbed. 
The most energizing track on the album is the opener with its heavier guitar sounds, all reminding of melodic modern metal. After such a forceful start the disc has with "Don't Hate Me" another little highlight before the rest of the album drifts away in well-done anonymity.
After having listened to the album several times I have to conclude that things on "Vista" are done professionally and if you're in favor of modern rock music you can surely decide to go for this longplayer. It's though a but fluffy and what I miss are the thrilling moments that make the difference.
  1. Colors
  2. Walk Out in the Rain
  3. Don't Hate Me
  4. Another Good Time
  5. Lighter Than Air
  6. Blister
  7. Don't Stop. Get Up.
  8. Dame
  9. Washed Away
  10. Pieces
  11. I Want It All
  12. Revolution


Label: Spienfarm Records

Genre: Modern Metal

Release Date EU: May 19th, 2017