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CD review ECHOSCHLEIFE "Polaroid" EP

Veröffentlicht am 30. April 2017 von Markus W. in Echoschleife, Die Mimmies, CD Review, Rock, Indie Rock, Punkrock, News

(7/10) As being a regular guest on Markus’ Heavy Music Blog you are aware of some releases, getting a review, that might leave the basic frame of rock and metal. German band Echoschleife is one of these bands that might not fit fully into the context metal while still delivering interesting music and songs.

Bremen in Germany is the homebase of this rock outfit that actually has its roots back in German punk music. Echoschleife is the brainchild of Elli Fabian, better known as guitarist of German fun punk band Die Mimmies, a band that was more than pure underground during the 80’s, a time when Abstürzende Brieftauben and Walter Elf had their peak. After having enjoyed the life on the fast lane of rock’n’roll Fabian focussed on family life for some years. But since the spirit of rock music never let loose, the guitarist started to write songs again. Step by step things evolved and after a while a quintet was formed that’s sailing under the flag of Echoschleife.

The band worked on new song, heading more towards rock and sometimes even pop. That doesn’t mean Echoschleife aiming for the mainstream. The tracks are special and it takes a while till they reveal their full potential. 
„Polaroid“, title track and opener in union, is a song that comes with more unusual vocal lines and phrasing, reminding of dark wave from the 80’s. The uptempo „Gehirnwaschgang“ follows, bringing back some of the old punk spirit in a more mature way. „Schlaf auf mir ein“ is a grooving centre piece before „Echoschleife“ made me think of German rock icons Ideal. Things getting more and more to an end with „Montag its OK“ which is the easy-going closer of this EP.

Echoschleife makes music that’s not made for the mainstream and also metalhead will have a hard time with these five tracks. However, if you're more into rock, punkrock and dark wave, you should check out this mini album. „Polaroid“ is positioned in niche that worth to explore.







  1. Polaroid
  2. Gehirnwäsche
  3. Schlaf auf mir ein
  4. Echoschleife
  5. Montag ist OK



Label: Weser Label

Genre: Indie Rock

Release Date EU: May 5th, 2017
CD review ECHOSCHLEIFE "Polaroid" EP