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CD review BROTHER FIRETRIBE "Sunbound"

Veröffentlicht am 19. April 2017 von Markus W. in Brother Firetribe, AOR, Hardrock, Rock, CD Review, News, Spinefarm

(7/10) After a grey and dark winter time some sunrays are very welcome.  The need of sunlight in Scandinavia, in this case Finland, seems the even stronger and right in time Brother Firetribe released a longplayer that includes 'sun' in the title as well as it brings a light-hearted vibe right to your place.

A sticker on the CD cover explains best what you can expect of "Sunbound". There you can find the words 'Hard Rock', AOR', 'Good Vibes' and 'Massive Sound'. Each of these four statement hits bulls-eye.

The title track is actually an intro to the album. Starting with a piano, followed by rocking guitars the tune leads you to "Help is on my Way". The songs gives the listener a good idea of where Brother Firetribes strength are - big melodies, great hooks and a very professional production. The best moments on the longplayer are the ones when the quintet rocks hard, with guitars being more in the forefront. The upbeat "Give Me Tonight" is one of these tracks and also "Shock" with the hypnotic beat belongs to the real winners on "Sunbound". The following "Strangeled" finds a good mix between mainstream and melody too, but there are some songs that takes things a bit too far.

"Heart of the Matter" isn't more than a well-produced average rock song and also "Restless Heart" doesn't really increase my heartbeat. Also the end isn't what it could be. "Phantasmagoria" is a big song, at least that's how it should come across. There is some drama and bombast weaved in, but in the end it doesn't knock your socks off either.

"Sunbound' includes a lot of light and sunny moments. But where's sun, there's also some shadow. 'Hard Rock', AOR', 'Good Vibes' and 'Massive Sound' - that's what "Sunbound" is about; sometimes more and sometimes less exciting.





  1. Sunbound
  2. Help is on the Way
  3. Indelible Heroes
  4. Taste of a Champion
  5. Last Forever
  6. Give me Tonight
  7. Shock
  8. Strangled
  9. Heart of the Matter
  10. Restless Heart
  11. Big City Drea
  12. Phantasmagoria


Label: Spinefarm Records

Genre: Hardrock

Release Date EU: March 24th, 2017

CD review BROTHER FIRETRIBE "Sunbound"