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(9/10) Metal outfit Arch Enemy has released already some live albums and DVD with the first one dating back in 1999, when the band recorded a show in Japan. After having published some more live recordings the question might come up why the quintet has with "As the Stages Burn!" a new one in the blocks.

This package covers one DVD featuring the entire Wacken show from 2016 and the same does the CD version. Arch Enemy performed a show in front of an enthusiastic crowd that went berserk during the show. Already the CD version gives this impression that even more strengthened by the DVD. Fans were joining in as a big metal choir during songs like "My Apocalypse", with Alissa White-Gluz constantly motivating them to get even louder. Band and fans celebrated a metal feast on August 6th which is now shared with Arch Enemy fans all over the world.

Next to the mentioned "My Apocalypse", Michael Amott and band played classics such as "Under Black Flags" and "Dead Eyes See No Future", all rounded off by an excellent version of Fields of Desolation" from the 1996 debut. Capturing and releasing this show as a DVD was a great idea and even though you might call one of the earlier live releases your own, it's this package that's still worth to go for.

The scenery is kept in the beginning is kept rather simple. White banners with AE are placed left and right, creating a focus on the might drum kit. With "Ravenous" these flags are gone, revealing the full view on the Black Stage. The filming itself is entertaining and done from various perspective. 13 cameras captured all aspects of this impressive show, directed by Patric Ullaeus (Europe, In Flames,...). And since Andy Sneap was responsible for mix and mastering the album comes with an excellent Dolby 5.1 sound too.

As usual, there's also an bonus connected to "s the Stages Burn!", showing some 'behind the scene'  footage and there have been additional eight songs from the 2015 Tokyo show been added to this release. Last but not least some official videos from songs like the mighty "War Eternal" round off a quite comprehensive DVD package.

"As the Stages Burn!" is a brilliant package, presenting Arch Enemy in the here and now. This DVD is more than just a recording of a live show. It's a publication that was put together with a passion and a lot of attention for details. Even though you might call some of the earlier live releases your own, it's this packages brings a very intense metal show right into your living room and should therefor be part of every serious metal collection.




Tracklist DVD*:
  1. Khaos Overture (Live At Wacken 2016)
  2. Yesterday Is Dead And Gone (Live At Wacken 2016)
  3. War Eternal (Live At Wacken 2016)
  4. Ravenous (Live At Wacken 2016)
  5. Stolen Life (Live At Wacken 2016)
  6. My Apocalypse (Live At Wacken 2016)
  7. You Will Know My Name (Live At Wacken 2016)
  8. Bloodstained Cross (Live At Wacken 2016)
  9. Under Black Flags We March (Live At Wacken 2016)
  10. As The Pages Burn (Live At Wacken 2016)
  11. Dead Eyes See No Future (Live At Wacken 2016)
  12. Avalanche (Live At Wacken 2016)
  13. No Gods, No Masters (Live At Wacken 2016)
  14. We Will Rise (Live At Wacken 2016)
  15. Nemisis (Live At Wacken 2016)
  16. Fields Of Desolation (Live At Wacken 2016)
  17. Outro
  1. Wacken 2016: Behind The Scenes
  1. Tempore Nihil Sanat (Live in Tokyo 2015)
  2. Never Forgive, Never Forget (Live in Tokyo 2015)
  3. Bury Me An Angel (Live in Tokyo 2015)
  4. Taking Back My Soul (Live in Tokyo 2015)
  5. Burning Angel (Live in Tokyo 2015)
  6. The Day You Died (Live in Tokyo 2015)
  7. No More Regrets (Live in Tokyo 2015)
  8. Silverwing (Live in Tokyo 2015)
  9. War Eternal (official video)
  10. You Will Know My Name (official video)
  11. No More Regrets (official video)
  12. Stolen Life (2015 Version)
  13. Stolen Life (2016 version)
  14. Time Is Black (official video)


*The CD version contains all 16 tracks from the Wacken show



Label: Century Media

Genre: Death Metal

Release Date EU: March 31st, 2017
DVD/CD review ARCH ENEMY "As the Stages Burn!"
Tag(s) : #Arch Enemy, #Thrash Metal, #Death Metal, #CD Review, #DVD Review, #Heavy Metal, #Wacken, #Video, #Century Media

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