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CD review VOODOO VEGAS “Freak Show Candy Floss”

Veröffentlicht am 23. März 2017 von Markus W. in Voodoo Vegas, Hardrock, Sleaze Rock, Rock, CD Review, News, Classic Rock

(7/10) British hardrock outfit Voodoo Vegas celebrated their 10 years anniversary in 2016 but so far the amount of releases is overseeable. The quintet from Bournemouth, UK had the debut out on the market in 2013 which was the only full-length longplayer up to February this year. An EP followed in 2015 and now it’s the sophomore album “Freak Show Candy Floss” that hits the shelves.

It might feel as two album being not that much in such a long period of time, but it’s the live shows that binds the group together. Having been on tour with icons like Joe Satriani and Y&T, allowed the guys to present their music to a wider audience and making them playing together tighter every day.

The new album contains another ten songs that shows the bands passion for hardrock and classic rock. Voodoo Vegas' sound finds its inspiration in 70’s and 80’s rock. Bands like Aerosmith and Bon Jovi influenced the tunes which have been recorded at Los Rosales Studios in Moralzarzal, Spain, produced by Guillermo Maya (The Answer).

Things get off the ground with "Backstabber" which is good melodic rocker before the catchy "Long Time Gone" marks a first highlight on the album. This grooving tune comes with a great chorus that's sweet but not sticky. Voodoo Vegas songs have less to do with lipstick; these guys have still some dirt under their fingernails. 

The album is slowly building up since "Resolution", the last part of the opening triple, comes with more than a robust riff and an excellent solo section. You also expect the obligatory ballad? Here it comes. "Sleeping in the Rain" is its name, a song that's nice but doesn't belong to the real winners on the album. A track the belongs to the hits is "I Hear You Scream"; a number that sounds like a mix of Aerosmith and Mötley Crüe.

Even though things are a bit rough here and there, Voodoo Vegas managed to create an album that is solid and energetic. It includes well-done hardrock tunes that benefit from a proper production. Fans of hardrock and classic rock should find a friendly ear for “Freak Show Candy Floss”.





  1. Backstabber
  2. Long Time Gone
  3. Resolution
  4. Killing Joke
  5. Lady Divine
  6. Poison
  7. Black Heart Woman
  8. Sleeping In The Rain
  9. I Hear You Scream
  10. Walk Away


Label: Plastic Head

Genre: Hard Rock

Release Date EU: 17.02.2017


CD review VOODOO VEGAS “Freak Show Candy Floss”