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CD review THE RAVEN AGE "Darkness Will Rise"

Veröffentlicht am 21. März 2017 von Markus W. in The Raven Age, Metalcore, Modern Metal, Alternative Metal, News, CD Review

(7/10) Being 'the son of' can open doors, but it can be a burden too. When it comes to Raven Age it's Steve Harris' (Iron Maiden) son George that is part of The Raven Age, being one of the two guitarist of the band. The guys had up to date one EP out on the market and put a lot of focus on touring activities. No surprise that the guys got the support slot for Iron Maiden as well as opening for Tremonti and being on tour recently with Anthrax.

These live activities benefited the band since they play quite tight and stand there as a rock. That’s a good base to build on but releasing the debut is the moment when the rubber hits the road. "Darkness Will Rise" is the name of this first full-length album that features 12 songs and one intro.

The title track is actually the intro that leads to "Promised Land" which is a six minutes songs that's very rhythm based. The tempo is kept quite moderate while the song lives from the pounding beat and melodic vocal lines. It's a good start into the album even though the story could have been also told in four minutes. "Age of the Raven" takes a similar road before "The Death March" comes with marching rhythm and a heavy riffing.

The first more silent tones are embedded in "Salem's Fate". The track begins slow and soulful, something that changes after a bit more than a minute. The track evolves to another alternative rocker that has some more classic metal influences.

One of the best tunes on the album is entitled "Eye Among the Blind" which is, in parts, heavier than the earlier mentioned numbers and also "Trapped Within the Shadows" belongs to the well done tracks on the album.

However, in the end I must say that the tunes on "Darkness Will Rise" are solid, but also done in a cookie-cutter approach. I had too often the idea that I listen to the same thing only different. The Raven Age's debut is a well-crafted alternative metal release that unfortunately misses the real 'wow' effect.





  1. Darkness Will Rise
  2. Promised Land
  3. Age of the Raven
  4. The Death March
  5. Salem’s Fate
  6. The Merciful One
  7. Eye among the Blind
  8. Winds of Change
  9. Trapped Within the Shadows
  10. My Revenge
  11. The Dying Embers of Life
  12. Angel in Disgrace
  13. Behind The Mask


Label: BMG/Warner

Genre: Alternative Metal

Release Date EU: March 17th, 2017

CD review THE RAVEN AGE "Darkness Will Rise"