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CD review STEEL PANTHER "Lower the Bar"

Veröffentlicht am 25. März 2017 von Markus W. in Steel Panther, Hardrock, Rock, Sleaze Rock, Kobald Music, CD Review, News

(8/10) Where else could a band like Steel Panther be rooted than the Sunset Strip in L.A.? It was in the beginning of the new century when the four guys, at that time under the banner Metal Shop, started their career with weekly shows. 

The self-released debut came out of the blocks in 2003 but it took six more years before Steel Panther had their break-through. "Feel the Steel" was the anticipated second longplayer of Californian Steel Panther, released on Universal Records. What attracted notice has been the song titles and lyrics of this album. 

Even though the music was more standard and average the band gained new fans and started a success story that still ongoing up to date. End of March this year the band from L.A. releases their fifth longplayer entitled "Lower the Bar" and Steel Panther follows their formula for success with the ambiguous title being one part of it.

Steel Panther plays with the cliche of sex, drugs and rock'n'roll. How much of this is authentic and how much is comedy-based fiction is something only the quartet knows and therfore let's focus on the music. I was grown up with bands like Ratt, Warrant and Poison; groups that based their imagine on spandex trousers, hairspray, make-up and simple songs with catchy melodies. Steel Panther brings back these days for the fifth time. The tracks on "Lower the Bar" cover the whole width of sleazy hairspray metal. There is the grooving opener, the heavy "Pussy ain't Free", the slower "Now thw Fun starts" and the powerballad "That's When You Came In"; each of them not being a masterpiece of rock but highly entertaining.

Fans of the band will be euphoric while listening to "Lower the Bar" and all the others can address again their disappointment. However, Steel Panther stays true to themselves, even though it feels like the story's been told. I guess the next album needs to have more than only standard songs with slippery lyrics. But for this time I can say that the eleven songs are creating a good mood and a party feeling, something that's maybe enough of a reason to go for "Lower the Bar" in these dark days.





  1. Goin’ in the Back Door
  2. Anything Goes
  3. Poontang Boomerang
  4. That’s When You Came In
  5. Wrong Side Of The Tracks (Out In Beverly Hills)
  6. Now The Fun Starts
  7. Pussy Ain’t Free
  8. Wasted Too Much Time
  9. I Got What You Want
  10. Walk Of Shame
  11. She’s Tight



Label: Kobald Music Recording

Genre: Sleaze Rock

Release Date EU: March 24th, 2017
CD review STEEL PANTHER "Lower the Bar"