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CD review ONE OK ROCK "Ambitions"

Veröffentlicht am 24. März 2017 von Markus W. in One OK Rock, Modern Rock, Rock, Alternative Rock, News, Warner, Hardrock

(6/10) It's always good to have ambitions in life. These bring us further, supporting our development and individual growth. I guess the guys of One OK Rock have ambitions too, individually and as a band. I don't know what these ambitions are, but listening to the album feels like the band wants to play safe with not too much put the head above the parapet. It feels like the appetite for risk isn't too big.

"Ambitions" is the bands seventh album and it features eleven new songs. Talking about 'ambitions', it wasn't an ambition to create a long album since it's with 38 minutes on the rather short side.

What the band succeeded with is to create catchy songs that are made for a mainstream audience. Each of the tracks comes without any rough edges. I would call their sound alternative bubblegum rock with songs like "American Girl" that are more pop/rock than anything else. What I miss with this album is the human factor and an own identity. The sound of the album feels like heard many times before and it's the unique trademarks that's missing. However, the production is done well, leading to a powerful sound.

"Ambitions" is an album that is sticky sweet - for the good and the bad. One OK Rock sounds professional, aiming for a bigger audience, but if this is what metalheads are looking for is something I doubt.





  1. Ambitions -Intorduction-
  2. Bombs Away
  3. Taking Off
  4. We Are
  5. Jaded
  6. Hard to Love
  7. Bedroom Warfare
  8. American Girls
  9. I Was King
  10. Listen
  11. One Way Ticket


Label: Warner

Genre: Modern Rock

Release Date EU: January 13th, 2017

CD review ONE OK ROCK "Ambitions"