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CD review NIGHT DEMON "Darkness Remains"

Veröffentlicht am 7. April 2017 von Markus W. in Night Demon, Heavy Metal, Power Metal, Speed Metal, US Metal, NWoBHM, CD Review, Steamhammer, SPV

(8/10) Actually what happened over the last five years was the opposite of 'darkness remains'. It was in 2011 when the trio from Ventura, California started in darkness with a smaller fan base. The first ray of spotlight hit the band when they unveiled their first EP, simply entitled "Night Demon". It was a self-released record that asked for some first attention. Even though things have been a bit rougher, the four-track disc showed already the potential of Dusty Squires, Armand John Anthony and Jarvis Leatherby.

Steamhammer/SPV took notice of the three-piece band, offering them a deal with "Curse of the Damned" being the debut. Two years later the sophomore record "Darkness Remains" gets shipped to the record stores, a longplayer that puts the spotlight even more on the band.

Night Demon's sound is reflecting true and uncomplicated heavy metal that's very much inspired by the NWoBHM. The impact that bands like Iron Maiden had on Night Demon is obvious while listening to tunes like "Welcome to the Night" and "Life on the Run". Next to these tracks there is the uptempo "Maiden Hell" that partly reminded me of US metal a la Liege Lord.

A song that shows a new aspect of Night Demon is the title track. "Darkness Remains" also acts as the closer of the album and starts with a acoustic guitar and unusual vocal lines that are distorted. No screams and higher pitches as fans are used to from the other tracks. The track slowly builds up to a moderate paced metal anthem before melancholic keyboards take over, being a sort of outro for this album. This tune is as weird as genius; it comes with a greatness as well as it's distracting.

"Darkness Remains" is the third album of a band that doesn't care about mainstream and the bit audience. These guys are on their mission in traditional metal, dusting the 80's metal and transferring the vibe to the her and now.





  1. Welcome to the Night
  2. Hallowed Ground
  3. Maiden Hell
  4. Stranger in the Room
  5. Life on the Run
  6. Dawn Rider
  7. Black Widow
  8. On You Own
  9. Flight of the Manticore (instrumental)
  10. Darkness Remains


Label: Steamhammer/ SPV

Genre: Heavy Metal

Release Date EU: April 21st, 2017

CD review NIGHT DEMON "Darkness Remains"