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CD review MEMORIAN "For the Fallen"

Veröffentlicht am 23. März 2017 von Markus W. in Memorian, Death Metal, Black Metal, News, CD Review, Nuclear Blast, Thrash Metal, Heavy Metal

(9/10) This year brought already releases of Tampa-based metal to the table as well as oldschool Swedish death metal was served. Now it's time for the UK to follow and here it is: Memoriam's debut.

You might think the band’s being a newcomer and partly you are right. The band is rather new even though musicians are very well-known warriors of death metal. Memoriam is an outfit that contains members of Bolt Thrower and Benediction and it was a stroke of fate that brought Karl Willetts and Frank Healy to a starting point of Memoriam. Bolt Thrower lost a friend and band member in late summer 2015 when drummer Martin Kearns passed away while Healy lost his father a few weeks later. Working on “For the Fallen” was a way to process all these sad moments in life, opening a door to move on.

It might be this period of misery that makes the record to a very intense one; an album comes with eight brutal tracks, most of them being rather long. "Memoriam" marks the beginning of a record that is mind-blowing. With less than three minutes it's a more spot-on track before "War Rages On" enters the scenery. This tune is death metal tornado in which Willetts’ aggressive growls and some ultra-heavy riffs are the dominant factor. This number has a true 'wow' effect included, with breaks that are well-placed.

"Reduced to Zero" keeps the level of intensity while slowing down the tempo. What comes with the slower pace is a longer running time of the tune. It's the first one that passes a six minutes length. What's next is a bit of a difference compared to the earlier mentioned tracks. "Corrupted System" is a furious song that is fast, angry and to the point. What's different is the punk/hardcore elements that's been far more in the forefront which makes this tune to a true highlight on an album that's filled with killers.

"Flatline" is bringing the Bolt Thrower impact more into focus before "Surrounded by Death" kicks in. The tune is like a sonic war machine that comes closer and closer, rolling over the listener like a steamroller with no mercy. "Resistance" is a bit more complex with cool breaks and excellent leads; grooving like hell towards the end. The most epic song on the longplayer is the closer at the same time. The eight minutes of "Last Words" are an intensive metal experience that transports a grim mood right into your ears and mind. This number is real closer, a song that acts as a final peak on a record with eight death metal anthems.

Memoriam is the next death metal highlight of 2017; an album for genre enthusiasts and metal fans in general.





  1. Memoriam 
  2. War Rages On 
  3. Reduced To Zero 
  4. Corrupted System
  5. Flatline 
  6. Surrounded By Death 
  7. Resistance 
  8. Last Words 


Label: Nuclear Blast 

Genre: Death Metal

Release Date EU: March 24th, 2017


CD review MEMORIAN "For the Fallen"