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CD review HOUSE OF LORDS "Saint of the Lost Souls"

Veröffentlicht am 31. März 2017 von Markus W. in House Of Lords, Hardrock, AOR, News, CD Review, Frontiers Music, Rock, Melodic Rock

(7/10) It was at the end of the 80’s when keyboarder Greg Guiffria formed House Of Lords, releasing three very well received records.

It was in 1992 when the band went into a hiatus for 12 years before House Of Lords came back with James Christian (v), Lanny Cordola (g), Chuck Wright (b) and Ken Mary (d). These for guys release with “The Power and the Myth” a great hardrock album that went down well with the fans of melodic hardrock.

“Saint of the Lost Soul” is the newest strike of James Christian and band. It’s House Of Lord’s tenth full-length longplayer, coming with eleven melodic tunes. “Harlequin” is the opener and it’s a good one. Catchy melodies and good hooklines dominate a tune that sticks to your mind the first time you listen to it. Another number I would like to stand still for a second is the title track. Here we are talking about a vital uptempo song that is rocking very well. Guitars and keyboards are in balance, giving “Saint of the Lost Souls” a dynamic that peaks in the guitar solo.

There is also a ‘but’ when it comes to “Saint of the Lost Soul”. The album contains good songs but many of those don’t include a ‘wow’ momentum. “Hit the Wall” is such an example when the band drifts away into standard AOR without thrills. The same goes for the ballad “The Sun Will Never Set Again” which is too trivial, a song of which many similar ones are already out there on the market. In the end I would have wished more of these heavier tracks that come with the agility of the title track.

What’s done in an excellent way though is the production. The sound of “Saint of the Lost Soul” couldn’t be much better, giving the album and the songs the best possible power to shine. If I would be critical I would say that things sound even too good which takes away the vitality and the edges. In the end I think that Christian was aiming for a safe bet with this album, not risking too much.

House Of Lords’ newest longplayer is melodic and catchy. What’s missing is the dot on the ‘i’ that lifts the album from a good one to an excellent one. It’s like with a dish that missing the final two spices to make it really tasty. Fans of melodic rock will like the album and all the others should check it out before coming to a conclusion. .





  1. Harlequin
  2. Oceans Divide
  3. Hit the Wall
  4. Saint of the Lost Souls
  5. The Sun Will Never Set Again
  6. New Day Breakin’
  7. Reign of Fire
  8. Concussion
  9. Art of Letting Go
  10. Grains of Sand
  11. The Other Option


Label: Frontiers Music

Genre: Melodic Rock

Release Date EU: March 24th, 2017

CD review HOUSE OF LORDS "Saint of the Lost Souls"