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CD review EVOCATION "The Shadow Archetype"

Veröffentlicht am 24. März 2017 von Markus W. in Evocation, Death Metal, Thrash Metal, Metal Blade Records, News, CD Review, Heavy Metal

(8/10) Evocation from Sweden started back in 1991 when the guys from Borås released two demos before they went into a 12 years lasting hibernation. It was in 2014 when a compilation album entitled “Evocation” tagged the band with a status ‘active’. All of a sudden Evocation was back in business and what didn’t happen in the nineties started to take place in the new century – Evocation released their debut. Some might thought a bout the album being a flash in the pan, but the Swedes convinced the fans of the contrary. Evocation became a constant factor in death metal with releasing three more longplayers.

After having released “Illusions of Grandeur, Evocation went through some tough times. Founding members Janne and Vesa Kenttäkumpu turned their back on the band, which was more than a challenge for the band. Fortunately the guys from Boras didn’t give up, regrouped in another line-up and started the work on “The Shadow Archetype”.

“Intro Ruins” is the sinister beginning of an album that’s packed with oldschool death metal the Swedish way. After the one minute intro “Condemned to the Grave” breaks ground. It’s a spot-on metal attack on your mind and ears, acting like an omen for what to expect of the rest of the album. Evocation shifts gears with “Modus Operandi”. The song’s faster than the opener and

The best tune on “The Shadow Archetype” is coming more towards the end when “Survival of the Sickest” acts like a smash right into the listeners face. It’s harsh, it’s heavy, it has a melodic component and most notable, it has a chorus that is brilliant. Evocation packages everything they stand for into less than three minutes and the result is awesome; also because the contrast between the acoustic interlude “Blind Obedience”, which introduces ”Survival of the Sickest”, and the brutal smasher couldn’t be bigger.

Evocation’s newest creative work became an album that meets expectations. Ferocious riffs, hard hitting drums and a thumbing bass are packaged into nine crushing death metal anthems that include the risk of severe neck pain due to passionate headbanging. Fans of bands like At The Gates and Dismember should check out this longplayer.





  1. Into Ruins
  2. Condemned to the Grave
  3. Modus Operandi
  4. Children of Stone
  5. The Coroner
  6. The Shadow Archetype
  7. Blind Obedience
  8. Survival of the Sickest
  9. Sulphur and Blood
  10. Imperium Falls
  11. Dark Day Sunrise


Label: Metal Blade Records

Genre: Death Metal

Release Date EU: March 10th, 2017

CD review EVOCATION "The Shadow Archetype"