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CD review DOUBLE CRUSH SYNDROME "Die For Rock'n'Roll"

Veröffentlicht am 22. März 2017 von Markus W. in Double Crush Syndrome, Hardrock, Rock, Rock'n'Roll, Punkrock, News, CD Review, Arise Empire

(8/10)  The first time I heard of Double Crush Syndrome was when the guys opened for Hardcore Superstars, which was almost two years ago to date . At this moment in time the band was already alive and kicking since 24 months since it was ex-Sodom guitarist Andy Brings who founded Double Crush Syndrome back in 2013

The album gets with “Gimme Everything” out of the gates pretty well. This tune isn’t just an opener, it’s a sonic adrenaline shot that shakes you up. We are talking about three minutes of spot-on rock’n’roll that’s followed by the smoothly grooving “Die for Rock’n’Roll’. I think that this song describes the attitude of Brings and his gang very well - they live and die for rock'n'roll.

Double Crush Syndrome plays dirty rock’n’roll with street attitude that doesn’t count on frills and decoration. These three guys follow their passion, writing kick-ass songs that sometimes even remind of bands like The Ramones (“She’s a Pistol”). "Yeah! Pain!" instead is a straight-forward hardrocker with a more than solid bass line ensued by "I Wanna be Your Monkey", which stands for another catchy highlight on this record. The more metallic aspect of "Die For Rock'n'Roll" is captured in tunes like "Can't You be Like Everyone Else" before "Revolution" rounds of this excellent piece of music.

To conclude: "Die for Rock'n'Roll" is a fresh and agile longplayer that blows off the winter depression. This album is fun, entertainment and energy; all bundled in eleven vivid tunes that you should have listened to.





  1. Gimme Everything
  2. Die For Rock'n'Roll
  3. Unfriend Me Now
  4. She's a Pistol
  5. On Top of Mt. Whateverest
  6. Yeah! Pain!
  7. I Wanna Be Your Monkey
  8. Slow Suicide
  9. Can't You Be Like Everyone Else
  10. Blood on My Shirt
  11. Revolution


Label: Arise Empire

Genre: Hardrock

Release Date EU: March 17th, 2017

CD review DOUBLE CRUSH SYNDROME "Die For Rock'n'Roll"