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CD review BODY COUNT "Bloodlust"

Veröffentlicht am 27. März 2017 von Markus W. in Body Count, Ice-T, Groove Metal, Thrash Metal, Crossover, Heavy Metal, Rap, Alternative Metal, Hardcore, Punk, CD Review, Century Media, News

(9/10) It' was 25 years ago to date when an album was released (on March 31st, 1992) that had a strong impact in metal. In the days of grunge becoming more and more popular it was Body Count who released their debut; an album that came with an intensity that was mind-blowing. And not just that it was good record, it also contained lyrics that where confronting and controversial. A song everybody was talking about is "Cop Killer", addressing the case of Rodney King. After such a powerful and controversial beginning it was in 1994 when the band released the highly anticipated "Born Dead" which picked things up where the debut ended.

In the meantime we reached 2017 and Body Count is back with their fifth longplayer. "Bloodlust", that's what it's called, comes with eleven songs, each of them a real smasher. I'm not really sure what triggered this unleashed power of Ice-T and his band, it might be the current political situation, but what the guys decided to put on the album belongs to the best I've heard from Body Count.

Anger, rage and power forges ahead in songs like "Civil War", including a guitar solo from Dave Mustaine, followed by the not less energetic "The Ski Mask Way".

Next to all the new songs "Bloodlust" also comes with a cover version. As an intro to the tune Ice-T describes what Body Count is about and why the guys choose this song as being the cover version on the record. The song we're talking about is Slayer's "Raining Blood/Postmortem". This version can easily compete with the original, something I never thought that I would ever say.  Slayer belongs to one of Ice-T's favorite metal bands, leading to a cooperation for a contribution to the OST of "Judgement Night". "Disorder", the song that was recorded that time, is a brutal metal track and so is the cover on this new longplayer.

Talking about cover version; other than expected "Walk With Me" isn't a Lamb Of God cover even though it's Randy Blythe contributing with some shouts. “Bloodlust” is an album that comes without any filler. “No Lives Matter’, the title track or the closer “Black Hoodie” are brilliant grooving metal songs that belong to the best ones Body Count ever released. This album is a sonic riot, build on a mighty groove and brutal thrash riffs.

"Bloodlust" became a record that I was hoping for but didn't expect. Each second of these 41 minutes running time is charged with mighty riffs, angry vocals and lyrics that are very relevant in today's situation. The debut might brought the most attention but it's this longplayer that shows what Body Count is able to achieve in the fields of metal. You should not miss this album.





  1. Civil War (feat. Dave Mustaine)
  2. The Ski Mask Way
  3. This Is Why We Ride
  4. All Love Is Lost (feat. Max Cavalera)
  5. Raining Blood/Postmortem (Slayer cover)
  6. God, Please Believe Me
  7. Walk With Me… (feat. Randy Blythe)
  8. Here I Go Again
  9. No Lives Matter
  10. Bloodlust
  11. Black Hoodie


Label: Century Media

Genre: Groove Metal

Release Date EU: March 31st, 2017

CD review BODY COUNT "Bloodlust"