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CD review THE MUTE GODS “tardigrades will inherit the earth”

Veröffentlicht am 17. Februar 2017 von Markus W. in The Mute Gods, Prog Rock, Prog Metal, Rock, InsideOut, News, CD Review

(8/10) British progressive rock unit The Mute Gods released a well-received debut in January last year and twelve months later the sophomore “tardigrades will inherit the earth” will see the light of day. This longplayer is kept much more focused when it comes to the involved musicians. Other as the debut with many guest musicians it was the core trio (Beggs, King and Minnemann) who signed being responsible for the new songs and the album.

The longplayer comes with 52 minutes of thrilling music that covers a range from hard rocking to soulful sounds. When I listened to tracks like the title track I was more than once reminded of Marillion during their "Clutching at Staws" days - mainly when the keyboards get more in the forefront.

“tardigrades will inherit the earth” is an album that comes with an intro which is a funeral march for humanity. It gives the listener an idea about what this album is about. The trio explores self-destructive tendencies on this disc, a topic that’s very present these days.

"Animal Army", the first ‘real’ song, marks the fulminant beginning of an exciting prog rock journey in various chapters. Especially the hypnotic chorus is to mention in this context, but also the hard riffing that's embedded in some sections is adding some extra to this tune. Things get a bit darker with "We Can't Carry On", a song that belongs to the highlights on this longplayer.

With "Early Warning" the bands adds a silent tune to the tracklist, a moment to take a deep breath before the mentioned title track and the progressive "Window Onto the Sun" follows.

"Lament" is another interlude before an eight minutes masterpiece start to impress the listener. "The Singing Fish of Batticsloa" is a real epos on this record. Big arcs of suspense create big interest, esp. since they are built on excellent melodies that makes this tune easy approachable. As a small side note, the song is based on a real story about singing fish in Sri Lanka and The Mute Gods actually included some of the BBC recordings into the tune.

The multilayered instrumental "The Andromeda Strain" follows and leads to the closer called "Stranger Than Fiction". The number begins silent and gentle, a pattern that remains for the entire track. The song is reflecting ease and harmony rather than the riffing and guitars from some earlier moments. It’s a ray of hope at the end of a great album.

“tardigrades will inherit the earth” became a pretty good prog rock album that is made for people who are interested in great sounds with a party cinematic expression. I guess that 'entertaining' describes this longplayer best.





  1. Saltatio Mortis
  2. Animal Army
  3. We Can't Carry On
  4. The Dumbing of the Stupid
  5. Early Warning
  6. Tardigrades Will Inherit the Earth
  7. Window onto the Sun
  8. Lament
  9. The Singing Fish of Batticaloa
  10. The Andromeda Strain
  11. Stranger Than Fiction


Label: InsideOut

Genre: Prog Rock

Release Date EU: February 24th, 2017

CD review THE MUTE GODS “tardigrades will inherit the earth”