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CD review MIDNIGHT "Shox of Violence"

Veröffentlicht am 18. Februar 2017 von Markus W. in Midnight, Black Metal, Thrash Metal, News, Hells Headbangers Records, CD Review, Speed Metal, Punk

(8/10) Cleveland, Ohio-based one-man project Midnight, brainchild of multi instrumentalist Athenar, released an EP called “Shox in Violence” at the end of last year. The disc contained four tracks, combining punk, thrash and metal to a merciless hammering riff inferno. The metal punk didn’t have any intension for making compromises. “Death Scream” and Ready for Destruction” are unleashed metal tracks that convince by speed and power and also the raging “Groin Gripper” is a true underground anthem. However, The song on the album is named “Who Gives a Fuck” and I guess that the title says it all. Midnight is running their/his own show with only being true to themselves.

But the best thing with “Shox of Violence” is the version that will be released mid-February. Next to the original four songs the EP is enlarged by 21, yes, 21, more songs.

Some of the tunes are cover versions like Venom’s classic “In League With Satan” but also Quiet Riot’s “Slick Black Cadillac” got a new expression. Some of the songs, like The Spits” covers are coming with a raw bootleg quality while others sound very well.

“Shox of Violence” is from the underground and it will stay in the underground. I guess that nothing else was the intension of this release that brings metal back to its essence.




  1. Death Scream
  2. Who Gives A Fuck
  3. Ready For Destruction
  4. Groin Gripper
  5. Sadist Sodomystic Seducer
  6. In League With Satan (Venom)
  7. Too Loud For the Crowd (Venom)
  8. The Witch
  9. Breakout (Taipan)
  10. Hells Fire (Mistreater)
  11. TAP
  12. When I Die (Pagans)
  13. Unholy and Rotten (Live)
  14. ...On the Wings of Satan (live)
  15. Slick Black Cadillac (Quiet Riot)
  16. Nuclear Bomb (The Spits)
  17. Black Kar (The Spits)
  18. Rat Face (The Spits)
  19. Shitty World (The Spits)
  20. Death Sentence (Crucifixion)
  21. Wicked Women (Scarab)
  22. Eyes of Satan (Pagans)
  23. Watch Your Step (Girlschool)
  24. Vomit Queens
  25. Cross Held High


Label: Hells Headbangers Records

Genre: Thrash-/Speed-/ Black Metal

Release Date EU: February 20st, 2017

CD review MIDNIGHT "Shox of Violence"