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CD review BOREALIS "World of Silence MMXVII"

Veröffentlicht am 16. Januar 2017 von Markus W. in Borealis, Power Metal, Heavy Metal, Metal, News, CD Review, Melodic Metal, AFM Records

(7/10) Canada is known for some metal. Bands like Annihilator and Voivod are coming from there and also the legendary Rush is connected to the maple leaf. Another band that can look back on a longer band history is Borealis from Orangeville, Ontario. These guys are around since 12 years and they have a new album that will hit the record shop end of January.

The guys didn't reach a level of popularity that can be compared with the before mentioned bands, but they have released already three full-length records with the forth one that is in the starting blocks, ready to run. "World of Silence MMXVII" is the name of the disc that features ten new songs, providing a running time of almost 60 minutes.

Borealis is into power metal. Heavy riffs and great vocals are the main trademarks of this outfit which means that's the basic ingredients the guys make use of. However, there is a certain progressive touch to most of the songs as well, something that makes them slightly more interesting than a pure straight-forward moving metal machine. In combination with the smartly integrated melodies the whole package is something that's actually worth to listen to.

Songs like the bombastic "Eyes of a Dream" and epic "From the Fading Screams" are good metal stuff; music that's well supported by a proper production. The sound of the album is loaded with power and is an open invitation for some headbanging.

Overall "World of Silence MMXVII" is a good metal record. It comes with well-crafted songs that are, in the framework of power metal, nuanced and energetic. "World of Silence MMXVII" comes with no trace of silence. This album is loud and that's also the way you should listen to it. Turn up the volume.





  1. Lost Voices
  2. Midnight City
  3. From the Fading Screams
  4. Forget the Past
  5. Eyes of a Dream
  6. World of Silence
  7. The Afterline
  8. Divin Answer
  9. The Dawning Light
  10. Black Rose


Label: AFM Records

Genre: Heavy Metal

Release Date EU: January 27th, 2017

CD review BOREALIS "World of Silence MMXVII"