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CD review BETONTOD" Revolution"

Veröffentlicht am 8. Januar 2017 von Markus W. in Betontod, Rock, Punkrock, Punk, News, CD Review, Dritte Wahl

(9/10) Betontod is one of these bands that are gaining momentum more and more. One year after having released their latest longplayer “Traum von Freiheit” the band comes back with a brand new record. “Revolution” will be available on January 13th, a longplayer that includes 11 new songs and one intro. As on the previous albums the guys from Rheinberg, Germany focus on punk rock with German lyrics, the latter being very meaningful and loaded with a message. Lyrics aren’t seen as a necessary burden. Betontod uses them to get some messages across. It’s good music with a meaning.

The five-piece band reflects on the current global situation, a world that’s full of war, devastation and people searching for shelter. “Welt in Flammen” is one of these songs. Furthermore the tunes are about freedom (“Freiheit oder Tod”, “Es lebe die Freiheit” and “Revolution”). But also the good ol’times are part of Betontod’s lyrics. “Kuess mich” is a sentimental looking back on the 80’s, something that’s also the general message of “Ich nehme dich mit”.

I also want to mention the spot-on “Bambule & Randale” with a guest appearance of Dritte Wahl singer Gunnar Schroeder. Next to “Welt in Flammen” it’s this song that belongs to the best ones on an album that comes without any filler.

Overall I can conclude that “Revolution” became an record that includes great music and a message. Betontod addresses important topics, reflecting on a world that’s in misbalance. Such an undertaking could easily end up in a depressive vibe but not with “Revolution”. The songs on this album don’t deny reality. It’s an attitude of turning things into something positive. I like this approach and I like this longplayer. It belongs to the really good ones in the new 2017 and my assumption is, that these tracks will become even better while being played live. Good stuff for your ears, soul and mind.





  1. Intro
  2. Revolution
  3. Kuess mich
  4. Welt in Flammen
  5. Ich neme dich mit
  6. Herz an Herz
  7. Verdammt schwer
  8. Freiheit oder Tod
  9. Bambule & Randale
  10. Freunde
  11. Es lebe die Freiheit
  12. Mann ueber Bord


Label: Arising Empire 

Genre: Punk Rock

Release Date EU: January 13th, 2017

CD review BETONTOD" Revolution"