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SOCIAL DISTORTION releases a 4 LP-boxset

Veröffentlicht am 6. Dezember 2016 von Markus W. in Social Distortion, Punkrock, Punk, News, Vinyl, Rock, Hardrock

I got Social Distortion on my radar when the guys released “Somewhere Between Heaven and Hell”, an album that saw the light of day in 1992. Mike Ness and his gang filled this record with awesome rock songs. “Cold Feelings", the opener, is still one of the best songs I’ve heard from the band so far, but their discography is of course much wider than only this longplayer.

These days the four-piece comes with a vinyl boxset that’s very interesting and will create excitment for fans of the band. It’s called “The Independent Years: 1983-2004” and it contains four longplayers, all on vinyl. With “Mommy’s Little Monster” and “Prison Bound” the package includes the first two releases, “Sex, Love and Rock ‘n’ Roll” is a more ‘recent' output from 2004 and “Mainliner” is a compilation of earlier done singles and B-sides.

The vinyl boxset, with a release date of December 2nd, features, as mentioned, four record with each of them being done in a different color.

1. Mainliner (Wreckage from the Past) – clear transparent
2. Mommy’s Little Monster –
red transparent
3. Prison Bound –
olive with a black swirl transparent
4. Sex, Love and Rock ‘n’ Roll –
orange transparent

Mommy’s Little Monster

A1.  The Creeps
A2.  Another State of Mind
A3.  It Wasn't A Pretty Picture
A4.  Telling Them
B1.  Hour of Darkness
B2.  Mommy's Little Monster
B3.  Anti-Fashion
B4.  All the Answers
B5.  Moral Threat

Prison Bound

A1.  It's The Law
A2.  Indulgence
A3.  Like An Outlaw (For You)
A4.  Backstreet Girl
A5.  Prison Bound
B1.  No Pain No Gain
B2.  On My Nerves
B3.  I Want What I Want
B4.  Lawless
B5.  Lost Child

Mainliner (Wreckage From The Past)

A1.  1945 (Posh Boy Version)
A2.  Playpen (Posh Boy Version)
A3.  Mainliner
A4.  Moral Threat
A5.  All the Answers
B1.  Justice for All
B2.  Under My Thumb
B3.  1945 (13th Floor Version)
B4.  Playpen (13th Floor Version)
B5.  Mass Hysteria

Sex, Love And Rock ‘n’ Roll

A1.  Reach For The Sky
A2.  Highway 101
A3.  Don't Take Me For Granted
A4.  Footprints on My Ceiling
A5.  Nickels and Dimes
B1.  I Wasn't Born To Follow
B2.  Winner and Losers
B3.  Faithless
B4.  Live Before You Die
B5.  Angel's Wings

SOCIAL DISTORTION releases a 4 LP-boxset