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CD review OPETH "Orchid", Morningrise" and "My Arms Your Hearse" - reissues

Veröffentlicht am 30. Dezember 2016 von Markus W. in Opeth, Death Metal, Classic Rock, Rock, Prog Rock, Prog Metal, News, Reissue, CD Review, Candlelight Records

(8/10) Opeth in the mid of the 90’s sounded quite different from what Mikael Âkerfeldt and Co. releases nowadays. The group’s history is deeply rooted in Swedish death metal from the days when the scene in Stockholm was growing. This specific style influenced many other bands and Opeth was a part of this gang of influencers. Candlelight Records took the effort to re-release the first three discs from Opeth, both, in vinyl and as CD.

The first longplayer was named “Orchid”. It was no less than Dan Swanö producing this debut that hit the shelves in 1995. An orchid is a beautiful and sensitive flower and these attributes go for the album as well. Even though Opeth celebrated their death metal roots with deep growls, “Orchid” included already progressive elements, showing a band that was prepared to break the chains of pure death metal. “In Mist She Was Standing” isn’t a short and brutal opener. It’s an almost 15 minutes long epos that contains, next to harsh vocals, beautiful and fragile soundscapes, showing the bands wider approach very well. “Orchid” aroused some first attention in the metal community and it was a smart step to keep the fire burning with a next longplayer.



  1. In Mist She was Standing 
  2. Under the Weeping Moon
  3. Silhouette
  4. Forest of October5   
  5. The Twilight is my Robe   
  6. Requiem 
  7. The Apostle in Triumph 
  8. Into The Frost of Winter 
CD review OPETH "Orchid", Morningrise" and "My Arms Your Hearse" - reissues

(9/10) “Morningrise” arrived appr. 12 month later in the record stores. Again produced by Dan Swanö the longplayer continued the journey that started with “Orchid”. Opeth fine-tuned their sound and established their trademarks as progressive death metal band. Mikael Âkerfeldt and band mates took their way of making music even one step further. The longplayer includes only five songs with each of them being 10 minutes or longer. “Black Rose Immortal” is the core of everything, a twenty minutes masterpiece that is a next peak of creativity. This reissue version includes, next to the five original tunes a bonus track called “Eternal Soul Torture” in a demo version.



  1. Advent
  2. The Night and The Silent Water
  3. Nectar
  4. Black Rose Immortal 
  5. To Bid You Farewell
  6. Eternal Soul Torture 
CD review OPETH "Orchid", Morningrise" and "My Arms Your Hearse" - reissues

(8/10) After the successful sophomore record and some touring activities the third Opeth album saw the light of day in 1998, marking another leg in the band’s successful journey through death metal and progressive passion. Once in a while songs from “My Arms Your Hearse” find themselves on Opeth setlists. On the most recent tour it was “Demon of the Fall” that set a well placed counterpart to the more progressive rock numbers of the later Opeth days. These are the moments when younger Opeth fans, knowing mainly the newer material of the band, stand in the room with a mouth wide open in front of the stage, trying to realize what’s happening. The songs on “My Arms Your Hearse” are shorter than what Opeth released earlier, which wasn’t a too big of a surprise. Instead the Swedes added another element to their music. The album starts with a prologue and also includes an intermezzo called “Madrigal”. The beauty of this longplayer is the diversity. Brutal death metal orgies like the mentioned “Demons of the Fall” are placed next to songs like “Credence” which is an acoustic track with clean vocals, a first step towards what Opeth stands for in the here and now.



  1. Prologue
  2. April Ethereal 
  3. When
  4. Madrigal
  5. The Amen Corner   
  6. Demon of the Fall    
  7. Credence
  8. Karma 
  9. Epilogue 
  10. Circle of the Tyrant 
  11. Remember Tomorrow


For all three reissues:

Label: Candlelight Records

Genre: Progressive Death Metal

Release Date EU: December 16th, 2016

CD review OPETH "Orchid", Morningrise" and "My Arms Your Hearse" - reissues