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CD review DER ELEFANT "Der Elefant" EP

Veröffentlicht am 29. Dezember 2016 von Markus W. in Der Elefant, Tieflader, Farmer Boys, Power Metal, Modern Metal, Instrumental, Alternative Metal, CD Review, News, Rock

(8/10) Alex Scholpp should be no new name to you guys. The guitarist from Stuttgart, Germany is known from his activities with Farmer Boys, Tieflader, Tarja and some more projects. Scholpp teamed-up with bassplayer Kevin Chown and Timm Schreiner on drums - all three knowing each other from Tarja's band.

This trio started with a group called Der Elefant (German for 'The Elephant') and wrote three tracks that ended up on the first output - an EP, simply named "Der Elefant".

The name might sound a bit weird but knowing the background gives some clarity. There is the saying of "The elephant in the room..." which basically means that there is an obvious truth which is ignored and denied by people. The band took this human (dis-)ability of denial as an inspiration for their music by making a statement with their music rather than with words. This undertaking led to three powerful instrumentals that have a touch of a jam session.

"Caterpillar" breaks the first ground. The tune is build on heavy riffs which reminded me, to a certain extend, of Tieflader. Next to the mighty guitar riffing there are some melodic sections embedded in this song, all build on a steady rhythm foundation. Track number two got the powerful name of "Elefante" and it's the heaviest one out of all three numbers on this EP.  This instrumental is faster than the other stuff and you can feel the energy of an elephant with each drum beat. Last but not least there's "Freedom", a song that's kept in more mid-pace. The entertainment factor of "Freedom" is the forceful groove that comes with it, a strength that's reflected basically in each of the three tracks.

"Der Elefant" became an interesting EP of a trio that started to explore a partly new territory with creating their own songs in the here and now. Let's see if this project belongs to the more sustainable ones. However, the EP makes a lot of fun. Good stuff.





  1. Caterpillar
  2. Elefante
  3. Freedom


Label: Self-released

Genre: Modern Metal

Release Date EU: December 9th, 2016


CD review DER ELEFANT "Der Elefant" EP