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CD review WAKRAT "Wakrat"

Veröffentlicht am 11. November 2016 von Markus W. in Wakrat, RATM, Prophets Of Rage, Crossover, Punk, Hardcore, News, CD Review, notmypresident

(7/10) As already reported earlier, Wakrat is the name of a cooperation of one American and two Frenchmen. Tim Commerford is the bassplayer of this trio, known from the iconic Rage Against Machine and the ground winning Prophets Of Rage. The four-stringer teamed up with drummer Mathias Wakrat and Laurant Grangeon on guitar to work on an album that is coming with raging songs that all have a message.

It's not a coincidence that the digital version of this longplayer was released on November 9 - election day in the US. The three guys speak up, addressing topics such as a corrupt system going hand in hand with social unjustice. Wakrat has something to say and these guys just shout it out into the world.

The music on this album has a similar energetic and anarchic expression as known from Rage Against The Machine. Wakrat merges it with a more aggressive punk attitude and a hardcore vibe, all captured in nine songs.

Things start spot-on with "Sober Addiction" followed by the hard hitting "The Number" and song titles like "Generation Fucked" don't need much more of an explanation. A smasher you should listen to is "The Thing" with its power and groove, reminding of the earlier Helmet.

"Wakrat" is a debut album that comes with a message, one that is even more needed since a few days. This album is wild, raging and angry. The youth needs to speak up and this longplayer provides the soundtrack for it.





  1. Sober Addiction
  2. The Number
  3. Generation Fucked
  4. Nail in the Snail
  5. La Liberté Ou La Mort
  6. The Thing
  7. Knucklehead
  8. New Car
  9. Pigs in a Blanket


Label: Earache

Genre: Crossover

Release Date EU: November 11, 2016

CD review WAKRAT "Wakrat"