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CD review BURNING POINT "The Blaze"

Veröffentlicht am 30. November 2016 von Markus W. in CD Review, News, Heavy Metal, Power Metal, Melodic Metal, NWoBHM, US Metal, Burning Point, Battle Beast

(7/10) Why am I so much reminded of Zed Yago when I listen to Burning Point's newest album? In one or another way it's singer Nitte Vallo (ex-Battle Beast) that actually sounds quite similar to Jutta Weinhold from the German metalists from the late 80's. 

Of course, "The Blaze" is not a new "From Over Yonder", but it features melodic metal that could be interesting for fans of Zed Yago. 

"Master Them All" is a good but more average opener that is followed by the dramatic "Time Has Come". The latter powers very well before "Incarnation" stands for the first highlight. It's a catchy rocker with a melodic riff, well done vocals and some nice hooks. 

Another tune that's pretty cool is the slow "The Lie" that brings back melodic metal a la Dokken and it's again the phrasing of Vallo that partly brings Zed Yago to my mind. But there is also some of the earlier Lee Aaron included, not only due to the brilliant cover of "Metal Queen" that rounds off this release. Burning Point has the capability to write well-crafted songs that are anchored on a good balance of heaviness and catchiness without drowning in cliches. Just listen to the bombastic "Things That Drag Me Down" and you know what I mean..

Burning Point is a record that fans of melodic metal shouldn't miss. There is a lot if good stuff captured on this longplayer.





  1. Master Them All
  2. The Time Has Come
  3. Incarnation
  4. My Spirit
  5. The Lie
  6. Dark Winged Angel
  7. Chaos Rising
  8. Lost In Your Thoughts
  9. Things That Drag Me Down
  10. The King Is Dead, Long Live The King
  11. Metal Queen (bonus track; Lee  Aaron cover)


Label: AFM Records

Genre: Melodic Power Metal

Release Date EU: November 25th, 2016

CD review BURNING POINT "The Blaze"