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(7/10) Beasto Blanco is the band of Chuck Garric, known as bassplayer of Alice Cooper. The self-titled new record is the sophomore album of this hardrock outfit from theNew York, NY, an longplayer that includes 12 songs. Eleven of them are brand new and the twelves one is a cover version of Alice Cooper's "Feed my Frankenstein". The latter is also the first single release and it can easily handle a comparison with the original. Esp. the female vocals in the verse give this interpretation a new expression that works very well.

For the ones of you that never heard of the band earlier, Beasto Blanko makes  music that's influenced by White Zombie, some Motörhead and of course the earlier mentioned master of shock rock - Alice Cooper. Here and there is also some Kiss coming up to surface and the result is nothing to sneeze at.

I wouldn't go that far saying that I haven't heard anything similar at all. However, what Beasto Blanco delivers on the debut are entertaining songs like the creepy "Death Rattle", the straight-forward rocker "Grind" and "Machine Girl" that reminds of the Rocky Horror Picture Show.

Ryan Greene gave the album a great sound and also the artwork fits to this package. All in all it's good stuff and fans of the earlier mentioned bands should give this album a chance.





  1. Buried Angels
  2. Grind
  3. Feed My Frankenstein (Alice Cooper cover)
  4. Carcosa
  5. Death Rattle
  6. Dark Matter
  7. Sadhana
  8. I Rise
  9. Machine Girl
  10. Honey
  11. Blind Drive
  12. Damnation


Label: Rat Pak Records

Genre: Hardrock

Release Date EU: November 25th, 2017


CD review BEASTO BLANCO "Beasto Blanco"
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