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CD/DVD review THE BOSSHOSS "Dos Bros Live"

Veröffentlicht am 24. November 2016 von Markus W. in The Bosshoss, Rock, Hardrock, News, Live, CD Review, DVD review

(6/10) Since snow and winter aren't reliable signals anymore for announcing the x-mas period another sign needs to to take over - it's the rising amount of compilations, 'best of...' albums and live releases. This one belongs to the latter and it's the capturing of a 2016 live show of Berlin-based cowboys called The Bosshoss.

It was many many years ago when I saw them live for the first time. It was in the beginning of their career when they toured through smaller clubs and venues, playing shows in front of maybe 150 people. It was a time when they haven't had their own songs and only focused on playing cover versions of pop and rock songs, all with a country and western touch.

Then I have seen them many years later in Amsterdam when they played the smaller room of the Melkweg and each of these gigs was a great one with power, energy and sweat. Pure Nashville rock'n'roll.

The reason why I'm telling all this is because this is my reference and when I got the new live DVD/CD, expectations have been high. Unfortunately those haven't been met with "Dos Bros Live".

Actually the latest studio album foreshadowed it already and it finds its continuation on this live album. The songs, the vibe, the image ... all feels like the same thing only different. The last record didn't containing anymore the density of hits from the earlier longplayers and a view on the tracklist of this release shows a clear focus on the "Dos Bros" album. Not a too good signal. There are hits like the title track that has been played, but there are also too many of these trivial numbers on the list that doesn't help for creating excitement. Fortunately tracks like "Do It" and "Don't Gimme That" at least partly compensate.

Another thing that doesn't give me the shivers is the sound and the vibe that's captured. I can't say if the concert itself was the same but the sound on this release feels lame. Where are The Bosshoss that rocked the small clubs with unbound energy and real 'horse power'? At that time the band was like the engine of a Mustang, running on all cylinders while this album doesn't get much further than to the 2nd gear. To me it feels like Sascha and Alec having to many balls in the air right now. With all the TV appearances it seems like the guys having to many thing that run in parallel which is maybe a reason for standing still and losing focus when it comes to their music.

Anyhow, I guess there are many people that might see it different and fans will probably love this release. For me it was more the trigger to "Rodeo Radio" again and put this album back in the box.






  1. A Cowboys Work Is Never Done - Live aus Leipzig
  2. Wait For Me - Live aus Leipzig
  3. Do It - Live aus Oberhausen
  4. I Like It Like That - Live aus Leipzig
  5. She Is A Little B - Live aus Leipzig
  6. My Personal Song - Live aus Oberhausen
  7. What If - Live aus Leipzig
  8. Jolene - Live aus Leipzig
  9. Today Tomorrow Too Long Too Late - Live aus Leipzig
  10. Dos Bros - Live aus Leipzig
  11. Don't Gimme That - Live aus Leipzig
  12. Lady JD - Live aus Leipzig
  13. Shake And Shout - Live aus Hamburg (featuring Samy Deluxe)


  1. A Cowboys Work Is Never Done - Live
  2. Wait For Me - Live
  3. I Like It Like That - Live
  4. She Is A Little B - Live
  5. Jolene - Live
  6. Bullpower - Live
  7. Dos Bros - Live
  8. Don't Gimme That - Live
  9. Lady JD - Live
  10. Credits / Dos Bros - Live
CD/DVD review THE BOSSHOSS "Dos Bros Live"