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'Oslo by Norse' features three shows of Norwegian metal icons and Grammy award-winners Enslaved, performing three nights in a row with different sets. The shows will take place at Blå, Oslo, from December 6yh to December 8th.

Enslaved will perform songs from their entire career, supported by bands like Oblieration, Virus and Maraton. Furthermore there are workshops included like the one from Einar Selvik from Wardruna which is about ancient Norwegian instruments and also an exhibition with pictures by Kim Holm is part of this three days event.

Ivar Bjørnson says: "London is already a most dear memory, New York has been long time announced. Now it is time to reveal the first Norwegian By Norse event; Oslo By Norse!
It will mark the beginning of the end; of a fantastic year where we have marked 25 years as a band. We will do three unique sets, divided by periods Beginning-Mid periods Later day Enslaved.
The special guest bands are of the "pinch me, I must be dreaming"-type; Obliteration, Virus and Maraton!?!? Is all these first-choice guys accepting the invite some kind of sick joke? If not, it has got to be one of the best billing ever. Subjectively speaking. Ugh!
There will also be an intimate workshop with our brother-in-arms Einar Selvik (followed by a panel led by yours truly), ink by poking (tattoo the Viking way) set up in the venue (!) by the legendary Ihuda Tattoo and live graphic art by the eternally young Kim Holm. I almost wish I were not playing so I could just experience this. Then again I would go crazy from not working. Hope to see you all at Oslo By Nors

Special ENSLAVED shows in Oslo in December
Special ENSLAVED shows in Oslo in December
Special ENSLAVED shows in Oslo in December
Special ENSLAVED shows in Oslo in December
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