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The re-releases of Pink Floyd vinyls continues with three more albums. This time it's "Wish You Were Here" (14.10.16), "The Dark Side of the Moon" (04.11.2016) and "Animals" (18.11.2016) that will be released as vinyl versions.

The first two classics are the same as the ones that have been part of the bigger Pink Floyd retrospective back in 2011, only being released in the meantime by Pink Floyd Records. The latter one though, "Animals", will be a 'new' re-release which means that after two decades the album will be available again in vinyl. This version  is based in full re-mastering of the original mastertapes and it will be in the store on November 18th.

"Animals" was recorded in 1976 and has been released a year later, in 1977, following the highly successful "Wish You Were Here" and "The Dark Side of the Moon".



PINK FLOYD re-issues three more classics in vinyl
PINK FLOYD re-issues three more classics in vinyl
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