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SIXX:A.M. worked on a new album and it will be available from November 18th onwards. "Vol.2 Prayers for the Blessed", that's the title, will include eleven songs of which the first one was unveiled as video a few days ago. "We Will Not Go Quietly" is the name of the track which a promising song that makes a lot of appetite for more. SIXX:A.M. becomes more and more spearhead for modern rock music and the upcoming album will strengthen this.



  1. Barbarians (Prayers For The Blessed)
  2. We Will Not Go Quietly
  3. Wolf At Your Door
  4. Maybe It’s Time
  5. The Devil’s Coming
  6. Catacombs
  7. That’s Gonna Leave a Scar
  8. Without You
  9. Suffocate
  10. Riot In My Head
  11. Helicopters
First song from upcoming SIXX:A.M. album
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