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DVD review CORONER "Autopsy"

Veröffentlicht am 9. Oktober 2016 von Markus W. in Coroner, Thrash Metal, Heavy Metal, Prog Metal, News, DVD review, CD Review, Speed Metal, Tech Metal, Math Metal

(9/10) It was a few months ago when, under the header of 'Noise lebt', re-releases of label classics have been published as a kind of 'Best of...' compliation. Kreator's first highlights have been part of this series as well as Running Wild, Sinner and a few more. At that moment in time I was wondering about the fact that Coroner was missing in this package.
Now, a bit further down the time road, things became clear and the fog disappeared. Coroner was working on a comprensive release that covers the bands best moment - from the past to the present.
Swiss metal pioneers are back with a DVD that belongs to one of the best summaries of a thrash band so far.
Coroner started their metal adventure in the end of the eighties and in no time they got a lot of attention. Their technical thrash metal was different up till now and the attached avangarde expression made the trio pretty unique. "R.I.P" and " Punishment for Decadence" still belong to the best European thrash metal ever brought up to surface.
In the beginning of the ninties it got harder for metal bands since the upcoming grunge era led to less support for more traditional metal, something Coroner had to face as well. Therefor "Grin" marked an endpoint of Coroner back in 1993.
After having been away for several years it was in 2011 when news traffic increased since the guys decided to play several shows, bringing their old classics back on stage.
It seems that those live moments led to some hunger for more since Coroner is releasing this compliation DVD that covers some shows - from past to present. Additional unseen interviews are also part of this package that includes a best of CD too.
The first DVD is a look back into Coroner's past. This well done retrospective is build around stories told by the band member, all sitting around an open fireplace walking down memory lane. Inbetween musicians like Mille from Kreator, Tom Angelripper, Tom Warrior and more pay tribute to the trio that gave thrash metal such a new expression.

'Reunion', the second disc, features live shows that took place during the last years, while disc three includes the 1990 Berlin show plus some more tracks from the earlier days.

Last but not least there is an audio CD part of this package, featuring eight of the best Coroner tracks.

This package is great for metal fans that missed the earlier days, hearing about this metal dinosaur but never got in touch with their music. You can't get more than this. Last but not least Tommy Vetterli, Diego Rapachietti and Ron Broder are also working on a new studio album which will be released in 2017. Coroner is back, and at least as strong as when they went for a hiatus. This means excellent news for every thrasher.





Disc 1 Rewind

Documentary - A film by Bruno Amsututz and Lukas Rüttimann

Disc 2 Reunion

  1. Intro - Live
  2. Golden Camera Sleeper, Pt. 1 - Live
  3. Masked Jackal - Live
  4. Serpent Moves - Live
  5. Internal Conflicts - Live
  6. Son of Lilith - Live
  7. D.O.A. - Live
  8. Status: Still Thinking - Live
  9. Metamorphosis - Live
  10. The Lethargic Age - Live
  11. The Invincible - Live
  12. Semtex Revolution - Live
  13. Gliding Above While Being Below - Live
  14. Divine Step - Live
  15. Der Mussolini - Live
  16. Grin - Live
  17. Reborn Through Hate - Live

Disc 3 Archives

  1. Shadow of a Lost Dream - Live in East Berlin 1990
  2. Die By my Hand - Live in East Berlin 1990
  3. No Need To Be Human - Live in East Berlin 1990
  4. Read My Scars - Live in East Berlin 1990
  5. Voyage To Eternity - Live in East Berlin 1990
  6. Absorbed - Live in East Berlin 1990
  7. Masked Jackal - Live in East Berlin 1990
  8. D.O.A. - Live in East Berlin 1990
  9. Sudden Fall - Live in East Berlin 1990
  10. Reborn Through Hate - Live in East Berlin 1990
  11. Purple Haze - Live in East Berlin 1990
  12. Last Entertainment - Live in East Berlin 1990
  13. Masked Jackal - Music Video
  14. I Want You (She's so Heavy) - Music Video
  15. Last Entertainment - Music Video
  16. Spectators of Sin - 1986
  17. The Invincible - Rehearsal Room
  18. Golden Cashmere - Live Funeral Tour 1996
  19. Devine Step - Live Funeral Tour 1996

Disc 4

  1. Divine Step
  2. Reborn Through Hate
  3. Masked Jackal
  4. Die by My Hand
  5. Sudden Fall
  6. D.O.A.
  7. Nosferatu
  8. Serpent Moves

Label: Century Media

Genre: Thrash Metal

Release Date EU: September 23rd, 2016

DVD review CORONER "Autopsy"