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CD review THE PRETTY RECKLESS "Who You Selling For"

Veröffentlicht am 27. Oktober 2016 von Markus W. in The Pretty Reckless, Rock, Blues, Hardrock, News, CD Review, Punkrock, Classic Rock

(8/10) An album that surprises is The Pretty Reckless' third release "Who You Selling For". Dirty rock'n'roll, classic rock, post grunge and blues are combined to an exciting sound, done by this four-piece from New York City.

It's Taylor Momsen and Ben Phillip being keyplayers in The Pretty Reckless. Making music together for more than 10 years leads to a solid common ground and understanding, something the songwriting and the songs on "Who You Selling For" could benefit from a lot.

It's a piano and Momsen's soulful voice that opens the album. "The Walls Are Closing In" is a kind of intro that seamless moves forward to "Hangman" which comes in the verse with a stronger Alice In Chains expression. Things get more dirty and mean with the next tune. "Oh My God" is a fast number that comes with a kick-ass attitude. This song belongs to the best ones on the album since it presents the band wild and furious. "Living in the Storm" is along the same lines even though it comes with a relaxed middle section. More of these outburst would have been quite good.

The hardrock roots are coming up to surface with songs like "Wild City" and "Back to the River" which is a melodic rock song that includes a lot of Southern rock influences.

The rest of the songs that found a home on this release aren't bad stuff. "Prisoner" and "Already Dead" reflect the blues passion while the title track and "Bedroom Widow" belong to the more silent tracks on "Who You Selling For".

"The Devils' Back" includes a melancholic singing guitar and before the most weird song on the album kicks in. "Mad Love" is different from the rest and includes a lot of electronic elements.

"Who You Selling For' is an album that creates excitement by it's unpredictability. There are many different styles combined to an own sound that still has an identity.





  1. The Walls are Closing in / Hangman
  2. Oh My God
  3. Take Me Down
  4. Prisoner
  5. Wild City
  6. Back to the River
  7. Who You Selling For
  8. Bedroom Window
  9. Living in the Storm
  10. Already Dead
  11. The Devil's Back
  12. Mad Love


Label: Universal Music

Genre: Alternative Rock

Release Date EU: October 21, 2016

CD review THE PRETTY RECKLESS "Who You Selling For"