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(8/10) This autumn seems to be the season for math metal bands to release albums. We already welcomed a new longplayer from Meshuggah and also SikTh delights fans with a new record - actually a re-release of their 2006 album "Death of a Dead".

It was a year ago, in late 2015, when SikTh released their newest studio output. It was an EP named "Opacities" which was the band's first release in 10 years of time. Now we're going a step forward by making a step back. "Death of a Dead" is the band's sophomore longplayer that will be re-released by Peaceville records.

"Death of a Dead" is full of songs that are detailed and with many variants. There are brutal riffs which are real killers and there are song structures that makes each of the songs to a complex masterpiece. It constantly feels like SikTh losing control over what they are doing, but they don't. They walk on a thin line, but they never fall. The six guys know what they are doing and each of the notes is by purpose and has a meaning.

I do not have the comparison with the 2006 release but I can report that the new version got a powerful sound that supports the vigorous approach. This album isn't an easy-going one. It is as demanding for listeners as it is for the band. Put on your earphones and enjoy a journey through a world of widely shaded prog metal that also gives you with "In This Light" a moment to breath.





  1. Bland Street Bloom
  2. Flogging The Horses
  3. Way Beyond The Fond Old River
  4. Summer Rain
  5. In This Light
  6. Sanguine Seas Of Bigotry
  7. Mermaid Slur
  8. When The Moment`s Gone
  9. Part Of The Friction
  10. Where Do We Fall?
  11. Another Sinking Ship
  12. As The Earth Spins Round
  13. Flogging The Horses (Demo)(Bonus)
  14. Part Of The Friction (Demo)(Bonus)
  15. Where Do We Fall? (Demo)(Bonus)


Label: Peaceville

Genre: Math Metal

Release Date EU: September 30st, 2016

CD review SIKTH "Death of a Dead" re-release
Tag(s) : #Sikth, #Prog Metal, #Math Metal, #News, #Re-release, #CD Review, #Thrash Metal, #Death Metal

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