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(7/10) This album is a wild ride. Wild Throne hail from Bellingham, Washington and the guys released a few days ago their "Harvest of Darkness" album. The sound of this trio is hard to describe. Imfluences from Masterdon are present but also Dillinger Escape Plan and The Mars Volta aren't unkown in the Wild Throne camp.

"Harvest of Darkness" is the band's debut, an album that shows the full width of sounds. Wild Throne songs are build on melodies ("Fear Yourself") which are in deep contrast with noise orgies that are an important of Wild Throne's music too.

Complexity and anger meet in "I of the Prism". This tune needs a few times of listening since it's not an easy going one, something that goes for most of the tunes on "Harvest of Darkness".

"Death of a Star" is a song that combines most of the band's trademarks. There's the psychedelic singing of Joshua Holland, furious guitar riffs and a rhythm section that pushes enormously. However, there are silent sections embedded as well which makes the song to an interesting one.

One of the best numbers on this longplayer is called "The Wrecking Ball Unchained". It's a straight forward track that comes without any bells and whistles. It's aggressive alternative rock/metal that belongs to the more approachable sounds on the album.

"Harvest of Darkness" is the debut of a band that put all their passion and dedication into this record. The guys have some potential even though I had the impression that they put too much into each of the tracks which makes it hard to follow. This release is demanding and sometimes dazing. I got the idea that the guys are on a journey finding their own unique sound, but I also have to say that they have the potential to grow. A good start.





  1. Harvest of Darkness
  2. Shadow Deserts
  3. Fear Yourself
  4. Lone Lust
  5. Death of a Star
  6. Blood Maker
  7. I of the Prism
  8. War is a Romance
  9. Born to Die
  10. The Wrecking Ball Unchained
  11. Trans


Label: Roadrunner Records

Genre: Progressive Psychedelic Metal

Release Date EU: September 9th, 2016

Playing Time: 54 minutes


CD review Wild Throne "Harvest of Darkness"
Tag(s) : #Wild Throne, #Prog Rock, #Prog Metal, #Doom Metal, #Psychedelic Rock, #News, #CD Review

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