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Veröffentlicht am 3. Oktober 2016 von Markus W. in Truckfighters, Rock, Stoner Rock, News, CD Review, Alternative Rock, Hardrock, Heavy Metal, Garage

(7/10) Swedish rocker Truckfighters are pretty straight forward when it comes to their neewest album. It's their fifth longplayer and guess what they called it - "V". Can't be more clear than that. OK, what does "V" contain? First of all it comes with seven songs (I have the feeling I don;t get rid of numbers in this review).

Dango, Ozo and El Danno do what they can do best, playing songs that reflect a wild cocktail of stoner, rock, metal and alternative. This is what they did so far and this is also what you get on the new album. In this sense there aren't many surprises, it's more like good quality songs that found some further development tweaks along the way.

Truckfighters found their own spot on the metal map which is basically due to the described mixture of style. "Calm Before the Strom" is the opener and it's also one of the moments that shows Truckfighters being different. While others would have chosen an upbeat start into the album it's Truckfighters going for a eight minutes long track that is basically on slow speed. Stoner rock meets some grunge meets some more traditional rock - all in one tune.

"Hawkseye" is shifting gears to a next level before "The 1" knocks you out with a strong rhythm and an immense level of energy. "Gehenna" and "Fiend" are the more stoner influence tracks on the album that has with "Storyline" an seven minutes long closer that is intesive and rolling.

"V" became a good rock album that  has an own identity. It's a solid album that makes fun to listen to. And if, last but not least, some of you want to see the guys on stage, they are on tour in Europe during autumn to promote the album.





  1. Calm Before The Storm
  2. Hawkshaw
  3. The 1
  4. Gehenna
  5. The Contract
  6. Fiend
  7. Storyline


Label: Century Media

Genre: Alternative Metal

Release Date EU: September 23rd, 2016