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CD review HIGH SPIRITS "Motivator"

Veröffentlicht am 21. September 2016 von Markus W. in High Spirits, NWoBHM, Heavy Metal, Hardrock, Classic Rock, News, CD Review, Iron Maiden

(8/10) This five-piece from Chicago is a gift for heavy metal. The guys prove that you can play traditional metal that comes with a fresh expression without moving too far away from its roots. The ones of you that know the debut "Another Night" and the sophomore "You are Here" know what I'm talking about. On the new longplayer High Spirits manifests the mentioned even more.

"Up and Overture" is what it is - a short intro to the album that belongs to the best releases in September this year. "Motivator" is the name of the album and each of the tracks is a motivation for cherishing good music.

"Flying High" is the first 'real' track on the album. High Spirit are rooted in end 70's, beginning 80's metal and crosslinks to the NWoBHM are conspicuous while listening to tracks like "Reach for the Glory". It's a bit of Iron Maiden that comes back in the guitar lines but also bands like Thin Lizzy doesn't seem to be unkown in High Spirits rehearsal room.

A moderate pace groover is called "Haunted by Love" which reflects more the 70's hardrock before "Down the Endless Road" shifts gears. Things get faster again and the song brings again back the Maiden harmonies. It's a great track that makes it more difficult for the next one - "Take Me Home". However, it's again one of these tunes that makes you feel like time stood still for the last 30 years.

The last title is called "Thank You" and it comes with a galloping rhythm and a catchy melody. Actually it's the listener that wants to say thank you for this album that makes fun from the first to the last note.

Often said and mostly true - the third longplayer is the benchmark for future success. Listening to "Motivator" I'm pretty sure that we will hear a lot from High Spirits in the futures. These guys found their unique sound, a niche that makes them special for a bigger crowd than only pure underground. These guys will take off as the plane on the album cover does.





  1. Up and Oveture
  2. Flying High
  3. This is the Night
  4. Reach for th Glory
  5. Do You Wanna be Famous
  6. Haunted by Love
  7. Down the Endless Road
  8. Take me Home
  9. Thank You


Label: High Roller Records

Genre: Melodic Metal

Release Date EU: September 16th, 2016

CD review HIGH SPIRITS "Motivator"